The Skips

skips2The Skips were Amanda Claxton (vocals), Derrick Dalton (guitar), Pete Corrigan (bass) and Darren Nolan (drums). Derrick sadly passed away in 2008. Darran & Amanda are currectly active with ska band The Little Beauties. If anyone can add more detail on this track or has a photo we would love to hear from you.

Forever Free (1990?)

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  1. Darran from The Little Beauties is on Facebookm@ Pete Cole 07801 496455

    Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 17:44:53 +0000 To:

  2. Hi what about bass player Pete Corrigan .I believe he wrote lyrics to this song ?

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Apologies Pete and thank you for the correction! Would you have a band photo I could add?

  4. Thanks, will look into getting that photo for you.

  5. How did you know this Pete?

  6. Yes Peter Corrigan wrote the lyrics which fell out of the sky and into his head, simply beautiful.
    We were jamming out some stuff in a shed in 2 Parkhill avenue Killamanagh and Derrick wrote this very melodic acoustic guitar outro on the B-side of “Common Place” Hey Paulette’s first single “I don’t want to be a male bardot” I picked up on that and wrote the chorus and bridge. We were only in our late teens doing this and playing the Trinity Ball that year! Great memories. 3.30 mins in on this link.

  7. Also I must add that the first link for “For Ever Free” is wrong and is a demo that was recorded in
    “Sun studios” called “Undefeated Battle” the chorus chords are the same as “Zombie” pure coincidence. RIP Deloras x

  8. Thanks Darren, lovely details!

  9. I have corrected that post now Darren, thank you!

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