The Malfunctions

From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Malfunctions rose from the ashes of The Wild Herrings and featured two members of that band; Fiona Pender (vocals) and Michael Christie (drums). They were joined by David Meade (guitar) and Stephen Gallagher (bass) and released one single for EMI ‘Say Goodbye’ / ‘Party At My Place’ in 1988 and had two tracks on the Danceline Records Nationwide compilation in 1989. They recorded one Fanning Session but we think this track is a demo.

Eastenders (1988)

Someone has been digging through the archives and has posted a recording of The Malfunctions appearance on RTE’s Jo Maxi in 1989 with single ‘Say Goodbye’

5 Responses to “The Malfunctions”

  1. gerry molyneaux Says:

    what a gem…….great pop punk

  2. Michael Christie Says:

    nice to see this and hear these tunes after so many years

  3. Michael Christie Says:

    so after reading the above…there were 2 ex Wild Herrings, Fiona Pender and myself…along with David Meade on guitar and Stephen Gallagher on bass…all based in Ballyshannon

  4. vinyljunkierf Says:

    Wild Herrings great favourites in Hennigans in Sligo back in the day and so delighted ye made the reunion such a great night a few yes ago.

  5. Thanks Michael, have fixed that. Would you have a band photo in the attic?

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