Dave Couse – St Patrick’s Day (2016)

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rerun dave couse

St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a dose of Dave Couse. Over the years Dave has recorded a number of all Irish music shows, ‘An Teach Solas’ being a loose translation of ‘The Lighthouse’ the name Dave’s show used have back before the suits at TodayFM thought that name was too confusing. Anyway sit back and enjoy 2 hours of good music hosted by our favourite DJ and there’s even a request for you know who;-) Playlist here. Thank you Ferg for the artwork.

An honourable mention goes to Tom Dunne who is hosting what promises to be another entertaining show tonight at 10pm on Newstalk. He has asked his listeners to answer 3 questions and himself and Ken Sweeney will be considering and playing the answers. Tom also promises classic sessions from Future Kings Of Spain, Ten Speed Racer , Gemma Hayes, Ash, Hozier and more. Can all that be done in a mere 2 hours?

1. First Irish act you remember seeing live
2. Best ever Irish band live
3. Fave Irish Artist

Shake (Session)

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Shake were Ken Griffin (vocals,  guitar, keyboads), Ger Griffin (guitar, keyboards, drum programming) and Steve Murray (bass, guitar, keyboards). Previously know as The Hippyshakes they would later add Jimi Shields and change their name to Rollerskate Skinny (pictured). Ger Griffing is currently active with Superelectric. Ken Griffin meanwhile, is on tour with August Wells. Thank you Rollerskate Skinny website for the above photo.


I’ll Go All The Way

Small Screen


The Outside (1988 Demo)

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When Colm O’Callaghan writes a new Blackpool Sentinel feature we usually get about halfway through before going off for a rummage through the tape collection and this week proved no exception. The Outside were from Ballincollig, Co. Cork and featured Paul O’Neill (vocals), Fergus Keane (keyboards), Tom Daly (guitar), Derry Callanan (bass) and Paul Greene (drums). Fergus and Derry of The Outside went on to form LMNO Pelican and Pats, Fergus and Derry are now in Jonny Rep who have just released their second album ‘Cold Sunbeam’.

Take Me Back (1988)

The Winters – Leeson Lounge (25th Feb 2017)

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Fans of The Dixons and The Joys might want to check out The Winters at Leeson Lounge tonight. The Winters are Ed McGinley (guitar/vocals, formerly The Dixons), Anthony D’Arcy (drums formerly of The Joys, Gavin Is God), Brendan Priestley (bass ) and Cliff Rosney (keyboards). As well as tracks from their debut lp expect some some choice covers from the likes of Microdisney, Townes Van Zant, Eamonn Dowd and Yo La Tengo. Thank you Ciaran Brennan for the band photo.

Big Audio Dynamite – Dave Fanning Interview (1986)

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On October 31st 1986 following a gig in Belfast, Big Audio Dynamite arrived in Dublin to play the SFX. Don Letts & Greg Roberts dropped in to the RTE 2fm studio to talk to Dave Fanning. Thanks to stilpix for digging this one out.

Big Audio Dynamite (1986)

Wheels On Fire (live recordings 1987-1989)

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Wheels On Fire 1988.jpg

A couple of weeks ago we posted a demo played by Dave Fanning of an at the time unidentified band from Lahinch, Co. Clare. We now know the band were  Wheels on Fire and have identified the members as Jennie McGrath and Anne Parker (vocals), Paul O’Brien & Anthony Edwards (guitars), Maureen Comber (bass) and Theresa O’Brien (drums). Anthony Edwards of the band was kind enough to locate some photos (the above taken at Sir Henrys in Cork during the Hot Press Band Of ’88 competition) and upload a selection of live recordings to Soundcloud.

Candy Apple Red (Session)

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From Dublin, Candy Apple Red were Dave Dorgan (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Eamonn Elliott (drums) and Damien Byrne (bass). Gerry was previously in The Slowest Clock while Dave was formerly of The Candyshop and Sack. If anyone has a band photo or know the year this session was recorded/broadcast please let get in touch. Thank you diplah for the reminder.

Say Goodbye


I Can’t See Your Sky