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Alice Springs (1988 Session)

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alice springs

From Dublin, Alice Springs were Eamonn McGowran (vocals), Paul Rogers, (guitar), Kieran Butler (bass) and Justin Healy (drums). Justin would later feature in The Forget Me Nots, The Golden Horde, Interference, LiR, The 4 Of Us, Glee Club and The Late Late Show House band! They released a number of demos from which we have further tracks that featured on the Dave Fanning show but today we feature 3 tracks from the 1988 Fanning session.

Lady of the Long Lawns


Swings and Roundabouts


The Joys (1990 Demo)

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Featuring former members of Gavin Is God and 1948ish, The Joys were Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Graham Darcy (bass), Anthony D’Arcy (drums), Pat Murphy (guitar) and Aidan Lane (guitar). After some lineup changes The Joys went on to become Junkster.

Cheshire Cat (1990)

Crush (1990)

Snakehouse (1990)

Vicious (1990)

Gavin Is God (1989 Demo)

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From Malahide in Dublin, Gavin Is God were Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Rory Carlisle (guitar), Neil Higgins (keyboards/vocals), Graham Darcy (bass) and Anthony D’Arcy (drums). Deirdre, Graham and Anthony later became The Joys.

Get It (1989)

Male Disease (1989)

Violator (1989)

The Joys

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I know very little about this Dublin band, apart from the fact that Terry Hackett apparently played drums. This track featured on the Nationwide Vol 3 cassette compilation from Danceline Records in 1989. As usual if you know more please leave a comment or send an email.

Update: Deirdre O’Neill was the vocalist, she went on to further success with Junkster.

Update #2: This song was one of four recorded at Sun Studios on 11th June 1990. The line up was Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Pat Murphy (guitar), Graham Darcy (bass), Aidan Lane (guitar) and Anto Darcy (drums). The session was engineered by Paul Lacey.

Cheshire Cat (1989)