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A House (1997 Session)

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We didn’t know there was a 1997 Fanning session by A House so were very pleasantly surprised when Dan Hegarty gave it a long overdue outing on his show last night. Recorded just before the band broke up it features new versions of one song from each of the first 4 albums. We hope Dan plays the fourth track ‘Violent Love’ at some point and will update this post if he does. If you haven’t already checked it out we recommend Fergal Bunbury‘s latest musical project FBU62.

Endless Art
I Want To Be Allowed To Love You

13 Wonderful Songs

A House Is Dead – Vicar Street Dec 12th 2019

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a house is dead vicar st

This Thursday in Vicar Street, Dave Couse & Fergal Bunbury will bring their A House Is Dead project to the stage one final time. Here are some of the recent radio appearances followed by some words by Fergal on facebook.

Dave Fanning  (2fm 24th Nov 2019)

For The Record – Dan Hegarty (2fm 27th Nov 2019)

Richie McCormack (Newstalk 22nd Nov 2019)

Paul McLoone (TodayFM 21st Nov 2019)


The thing is this. There will be no London, Limerick, Cork or anywhere else IAMSTILLTHEGREATEST shows. Unfortunately, we don’t think any of these would be viable. We’re not even sure if there’s enough people who care to make Vicar Street viable but we’re gonna do it anyway and then we’re out. Whatever myself and Dave do in the future, either separately or together, it won’t be this. We spent many years bringing the noise to cities and venues all over Ireland, England, America and a few in Europe but just this once, the world will have to come to us. Why Vicar Street? We were born in Dublin and first picked up guitars in Dublin. We are it and it is we. The sold out NCH show was so beautiful and powerful that we decided to give something back. Some people expressed their reluctance to get their freak on in the hallowed confines of the National Concert Hall so this one is for the dancers and the dreamers. The show will be performed with all the raging intensity that we bring to everything we do. It will have the power, the screens, the slides, the multi generational IAMAFRAID , eight songs we didn’t play in June and then we will be gone, like slanting rain. I urge anyone who is interested to attend. Don’t be the one saying I wish I went to that or worse, saying you went when you didn’t.

Fergal Bunbury

Twix Rocks – Into ’91 With Fanning’s Choice

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This is a nice promotional cassette produced in conjunction with Twix, featuring 10 of Dave Fanning’s favourite Irish tracks of 1990. Each one is introduced by Dave, with De Confidence receiving a particularly nice mention. Thanks to Eoin Fegan for sharing.

An Emotional Fish – Move On
The Dixons – Here Comes The Love Machine
The Stunning – Brewing Up A Storm
No Sweat – Waters Flow
The Honey Thieves – Drive
Into Paradise – Bring Me Closer
The Prayer Boat – Stopping the World
De Confidence – Dropout
Toasted Heretic – They Didn’t Teach Music in My School
A House – Bugaboo

Thank You from Dave & fErGaL

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freak out alt.jpg

Dave Couse and Fergal Bunbury would like to thank everyone for their interest and support for the A House Is Dead | I Am Still The Greatest show on Saturday. Really. Thank you. We didn’t know how this thing would go but the support has been overwhelming. Please accept this small gift of an unreleased song recorded 32 years ago for a session on the Wendy May Show on London’s Capital Radio. With the help of our good friends at Fanning Sessions here is Freak Out Alt, available to play and download for a week. Have a Few Tinnies, Cheat at Snap. Big Love,
Dave and fErGaL.

Update: Adding ‘Endless Art’ (2019) from the NCH soundcheck.

A House Is Dead – NCH June 29th 2019

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They said it would never come to pass, we said it would never come to pass. Thankfully we were wrong. On June 29th Dave Couse and Fergal Bunbury will reimagine ‘I Am The Greatest’ the 3rd album by A House at the National Concert Hall. We will be at the head of the virtual queue tomorrow at 10am looking for a ticket. Dave and Fergal joined Paul McLoone on TodayFM tonight to discuss this turn of events.

Adding Tom Dunne Newstalk interview..

Live at the Underground (1985)

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We have been searching high and low for a digital copy of this 1985 compilation recorded at the famed Dublin institution ‘The Underground’. 32 years after the album was released Ken has come to the rescue – thank you!

As a new band, securing a headline gig in Dublin was nigh on impossible during that period – the Underground put on bands that no other venue would touch. Bands with no profile, no obvious crowd pulling appeal. That policy ensured that some of the finest Irish acts of that era took their early tentative steps on the cramped Underground stage – bands like Something Happens, The Stars of Heaven, A House, Engine Alley, the Slowest Clock, The Power of Dreams, The Fountainhead,  Into Paradise, Guernica, the Gorehounds, Therapy?, The Fat Lady Sings, the Would Bes – the list is endless.

Paul Page (Whipping Boy) for

Full details on the compilation can be found at Colm O’Callaghan (Blackpool Sentinel) remembers here.
Hughie Purcell ‘Push & Shove’

A House ‘On Your Bike Wench’

Fallen Angels ‘Small Beer’

Gorehounds ‘The Way I Walk’

Something Happens!  ‘Real Time’

The Stars of Heaven ‘Hey Little Child’

A House (1985 Demo)

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We should really have posted this before Dave Couse’s by now ritual bank holiday appearance on TodayFM (or waited for next one) but as usual we weren’t ready. Thanks to Anthony for sending this one in, turns out it’s a rare copy of the very first demo recorded by A House. So rare in fact that this otherwise excellent A House fansite doesnt list it.. And while we are on the subject if anyone has a copy of ‘Live At The Underground‘ can you please holler! Artwork by Fergal Bunbury.

Freak Out (1985)

Unplayed Games (1985)

A House (1988 Session)

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a house

A House are Dave Couse (vocals & guitar), Fergal Bunbury (guitar), Martin Healy (bass) and Dermot Wylie (drums). They recorded this RTE session for the Dave Fanning show on 11th January 1988. Dave Couse fans can hear him this St Patrick’s Day at 10pm on TodayFM where he will play an quality selection of Irish tunes. Dave will also be in for Paul McLoone on Wednesday March 23th, Thursday 24th and Easter Monday the 28th.

Stone The Crows / Violent Love / Hay When The Sun Shines (1988)

A House (1987 Interview)

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How do I casually mention that Mr Dave Couse is back on our airwaves from Monday 3rd November filling in for Paul McLoone on TodayFM? How about another Dave Fanning interview? This one features ‘I Think I’m Going Mad’ (live), ‘Call Me Blue’ (brand new single out 11th July), ‘You Break Me Up’ (live), ‘Heart Happy’ (live) and ‘Plain or Pearl’ (another of the 4 tracks from the 12″). Check out Dave 3rd – 13th November 9pm-midnight on TodayFM.


A House interview Dave Fanning (1987)

A House (1991 Interview)

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Came across this snippet when working on the recently posted 1990 interview, this is a short segment from 1991 with A House prior to the release of their third album ‘I Am the Greatest’. Up for discussion are: getting dropped by Blanco Y Negro, the vocals for ‘Heart Happy’. signing to Setanta Records, Keith Cullen, not getting on the BBC playlist. If the remainder turns up I shall update the post.

Interview Excerpt (1991)

A House (1990 Interview)

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Prior to the release of their second album ‘I Want Too Much’ Dave Couse (vocals & guitar), Fergal Bunbury (guitar), Martin Healy (bass), Dermot Wylie (drums) aka A House had a chat with Dave Fanning from London where the band were performing as part of an Irish rock week in The Mean Fiddler. The performance of ‘Violent Love’ at the end is well worth the wait. Dave Couse can of course be heard every Sunday on TodayFM from 10pm until midnight.

– Manstrong (live)
recording on Inisboffin, Mike Hedges etc
– Shivers Up My Spine (album)
– 13 Wonderful Lovesongs (live)
on signing autographs
– Bring Down The Beast (live)
Martin & Dermot on falling off stage in SF, touring US, the Go-Betweens
– I Think I’m Going Mad (single)
– Smalltalk (live)
John Carroll (manager) & Liam Crinnion
– Violent love (live)
Mean Fiddler gig listings for rest of week..

Interview (1990)

Setanta Records – There Go The Good Times (2012)

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Avril Hoare and the team on the RTE Radio 1 ‘This Week‘ show did a nice segment on Setanta Records this Sunday. The piece features interviews with Keith Cullen himself, Eamon Sweeney, Ashley Keating and John Mulvey. Thanks to Colm O’Callaghan for the tip off.

RTE Radio 1 – This Week (22nd July 2012)

A House (Feile 1993)

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Apologies for the radio silence of late, things have been a tad hectic around Sessions Manor. Anyway to prove I haven’t completely checked out here’s a 1993 live set from perennial indie darlings A House. Recorded at that year’s Feile here’s some Dave Couse to keep you going at least until his TodayFM radio show kicks off at 10pm. Thank you to the kind reader / listener who dug this one out.

Violent Love
You’re Too Young
She Keeps Me Humble
Take It Easy on Me
Endless Art
I Want to Kill Something,
I Don’t Care

A House – In Concert (1993)

A House (Demo)

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I’ve already featured a session by A House so I’ll keep this one short. This is a demo track from them. Oh and please check out this blog featuring early single ‘Heart Happy’ which sounds fantastic (why wasn’t it on the Best Of CD).

Call Me Blue (Demo)

A House (1988 Session)

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a house

Today we have two thirds of the second session by irish indie heroes A House. Dave Couse (vocals & guitar), Fergal Bunbury (guitar), Martin Healy (bass) and Dermot Wylie (drums) released five albums between 1988 and 1996 when they finally threw in the towel. Dave Couse of course went on to release two further solo records the most recent of which The World Should Know in 2005 was especially impressive. I personally still kick myself that I never took the opportunity to see his band tour that album because if their Other Voices: Songs From A Room performance was anything to go by they were one tight outfit. Please do yourself a favour and tune into his Today FM show on Sunday nights at 10pm as the guy still confounds expectations.

Looks like I’m not the only one who enjoyed that Other Voices performance. The Impossibles unfortunately are no more but were Pete Meighan (guitar), Simon Quigley (keyboards), Dave Flynn (bass) and Mike O’Dowd (drums) .

Violent Love
Anyone have this?

Stone The Crows

Hay When The Sun Shines

Dave Couse MySpace
ZOP (A House fansite)