‘Guaranteed Irish’

Guaranteed Irish‘ is the title of Dave Heffernan‘s Sunday evening show on 4FM from 6-8pm. Last week’s show was a good one with some personal faves making an appearance and I didn’t even send in a request. As Dave himself says “the more obscure the better”. I wonder have a few readers of this blog been making requests? Anyway keep up the good work Dave and in case you missed the show check it out here. And 4FM, how about taking a leaf out of the BBC book and letting us see the playlist for previous shows? Update: Just found I was looking at ‘wrong’ Dave Heffernan page so have corrected the link above (the old one is here).

Ten Speed Racer – January (2000)
Van Morrison – Wavelength (1978)
Thin Lizzy – The Rocker (1973)
The Bats – On The Waterfront (1965)
God Help The Girl (feat Neil Hannon & Catherine Ireton) – Perfection As A Hipster (2009)
Hey Paulette – I Must Be In Love (1989)
The Sewing Room – Mobile (1995)
The Marbles – So Far Away (2000)
The Waterboys – Billy Sparks (1984)
DC Nein – Nightclub (1980)
The Swinging Swine – Them Ghosts Do Come (1990)
Planxty – Follow Me Up To Carlow (1973)
Rory Gallagher – Bought & Sold (1975)

The Frank & Walters – After All (1992)
In Motion – Five And Twenty Thousand Days (1994)
Michael Knight – Leaving Town (2005)
Energy Orchard – Belfast (1990)
The Wheels – Bad Little Woman (1966)
Cathal Coughlan – Denial Of The Right To Dream (2002)
Hinterland – Desert Boots (1990)
Elvis Costello & The Chieftains – Long Journey Home (1998)
Thin Lizzy – Dublin (1971)
Foy Vance – Homebird (2007)
Lir – New Song (1994)
David Holmes – Hey Lisa (2000)

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