Scheer (1994 Session)


From Maghera and Magherafelt in County Derry, Scheer were Audrey Gallagher (vocals), Neal Calderwood (lead guitar), Paddy Leyden (rhythm guitar), PJ Doherty and later Peter Fleming (bass) and Joe Bates (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1994. The band released two albums, Infliction (1996) on 4AD and ‘… And Finally’ (2000) on Schism Records. Thanks to Eoin Fegan for digging out the recording.

Howling Boy (1994)

Nemesis (1994)

Shine (1994)

Wish You Were Dead (1994)

2 Responses to “Scheer (1994 Session)”

  1. Seamus Naughton Says:

    Thats freekin’ awesome, I haven’t heard those versions in 25 + years!
    Wish You Were Dead definitely improved with each version and still sounds good!
    Seamus N.

  2. Dan Hegarty repeated this session on his show last night (and again now on RTÉ 2XM), will have to add the missing track ‘Howling Boy’.

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