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Over the years we have been fortunate to come across a number of folk generous enough to entrust us with their tape collections. Lightning struck again recently when producer/director/presenter Pat O’Mahony dropped 103 demo tapes from his personal collection on our doorstep. Regular listeners to the Dave Fanning show in the years 1990 to 1997 will recognise Pat as a frequent stand-in on the show. Check out this recent interview for the debut episode of Pat’s Off Message podcast.

We are currently in the process of cataloging the tapes before digitising begins. Thanks to Pat and to Dan Boyle for his assistance.

A special thank you also to all previous donors, without whom, this site would have long ago shut up shop.

Acts featured: serious women, a hero’s welcome, a house, a.d.(aiken drum?), an emotional fish, andrew bass, any crowded ceiling, beauty and the beast, bird, blink, blue angels, brat, burning embers, cactus world news, candy apple red, candyshop, captain hex, colour tide, comtape 7, dandy, david o’donovan / mystery sandwich, denis keegan, dignam & goff, dogabone, dostoevesky lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight?, eye spy, fountainhead, freres jackman, ghost of an american airman, gift, hank halfhead, honey rider, honeythieves / toasted heretic / tiberious minnows / precious stones / a house / sharon shannon, idol joy, ill dependants & the kathleens, inteference, intoxicating rhythm section, jerusalem, johnny dickinson, juniper, junk museum, just a philistine, kendals, kieron, leslie dowdall, lir, little fish, luxury, Mississippi Mermaids, my favourite things, nationwide 3, no sweat, ode to a blackman, peach, peach, perri coma, pierce turner, premonition, r, razorlove, rex & dino, rollerskate skinny, scale the heights, sugar candy mountain, swampsshack, swim demo, the bar flys, the believers, the belsonic sound, the brood, the caroline shout, the deep end, the dixons, the fat lady sings, the foremen, the little fish, the lost soul band, the outpatients, the pale, the sleep walkers, the stunning, the sun gods, the way it is, the whoopsadaisies, this certain kind, tony healy, too much for the whiteman, uncertain trumpet.

15 Responses to “Pat’s Tapes”

  1. Any Ambition in Glass Demos in that Collection, let me know please.

  2. John Houlihan Says:

    Really enjoyed that Pat

  3. Great! Any word on how the digitising is going? Would love to hear some of that old stuff

  4. All done Gav (bar two stragglers that need some remedial tape surgery)! Any requests? 🙂

  5. Fantastic! The Outpatients and Toasted Heretic!! For starters!!

  6. Fair play to ya!

  7. Thought The Outpatients featured already but it appears not! Pat had 3 tapes of theirs, 2 of which gave trouble but the third is good so will dig out. The Toasted Heretic track appears to be the ‘Galway and Los Angeles’ single. Check out posts on them here See all posts related to Pat’s Tapes here

  8. Do ya still have Martin by Dignam and Goff?

  9. Have returned the tapes to Pat but I do have a digital copy!

  10. Happy New Year! How’s it going? Did you ever have any joy with The Outpatients at all?

  11. Thank you for the comment Gav, thanks for the reminder, will do a post very soon!

  12. Wow. I was just sent a link to this site with Candy Apple Red songs. I was then sent a link to this page to show me that our band from way back when was listed here. We are in the second image next to The Stunning tape, The Brood.

    This takes me way back. Do you have any of those tracks? I can’t remember what was on that tape, but I do remember the events leading up to that tape. We had a manager come onboard and he actually changed our name without telling us. From The Brood, to The Dead Poets.

    Needless to say that politely telling him that we would remove his head from his shoulders if he didn’t change it back, actually encouraged him to do so.

    Would you have any of those tracks????

  13. Hello Willie! We digitized all the tapes so should indeed have a copy. Will have a look and get back to you!

  14. Brilliant. Thanks.

    I see Dignam and Goff there in the photo too. We played with them a couple of times and even now I am still amazed at Conor Goff’s guitar work. They used to do a cover of War (Edwin Starr/Frankie) and he used to beat the crap out of the guitar to get all the percussive sounds he wanted. Brilliant stuff.

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