Scale The Heights

From Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Scale The Heights were David O’Driscoll (vocals), Tony Doherty (guitar), Liam Kirkpatrick (bass) and Paul McAllister (drums). They released a demo in 1988 and a single ‘Goodbye To All That’ / ‘So Soon’ on WEA Records in 1989. On 01/05/1989 they recorded a Fanning session featuring tracks ‘Cold’, ‘Happy Ever After’, ‘One Step Away’ and ‘Go Hang Yourself’. They featured in a number of Hot Press end of year critics roundups, here’s what Damian Corless wrote:

“Band Of The Year, however, without a shadow of a doubt, were Kildare’s Carling/Hot Press winners, Scale The Heights, who combine an incendiary live attack with some of the finest songs ever written in the history of the planet – I kid you not”
HotPress Critics Roundup 1988

“On the home front there was nothing to equal the thrill of Scale The Heights’ live attack.”
HotPress Critics Roundup 1989

I believe these tracks came from a second Fanning session but ‘Goodbye To All That’ could also be the single. All tracks were recorded off the Dave Fanning show.


Proud Of You

Down The Hill

Blindman’s Clothes

Goodbye To All That


3 Responses to “Scale The Heights”

  1. Lorna Ziesing (O'Donovan) Says:

    My wife Lorna O’Donovan originated from Kildare used to play with the lads in a band called Watercolourfalls… She played the keyboard. She lives in Germany since twenty years. Anymore information out there about that band or the lads? Would be great stuff and I’m sure she would appreciate that. Bye Franc

    Contact on facebook:

  2. I remember STH very well; my band Wilder played a few gigs with them around 1990/91; a lovely bunch of guys, great frontman and great songs. It would be nice to know if any of them continued to play music?

  3. […] only other place I found some information about the band was on the superb Fanning Sessions blog. From there we learn that: On 01/05/1989 they recorded a Fanning session featuring tracks […]

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