John Peel – Dave Fanning Interview (1990)


Dave Fanning interviews John Peel (at the BBC studio?) in London. Thanks to a comment we know the interview took place late March 1990. John’s 50th birthday celebration the previous year gets a mention. Not sure how much if any of the interview is missing as Dave had a 3 hour show from 10pm – 1am at that time. If anyone has memories of this broadcast please share. Dave plays a session track from Honeythieves while John chooses ‘Born Annoying’ by Helmet and a romanian folk song.

John Peel Interview (1990)

3 Responses to “John Peel – Dave Fanning Interview (1990)”

  1. Helmet fan here. Thank you for putting this online. Greets from germany and cheers! 🙂

  2. chloedancergeo Says:

    Going by the reference to Chelsea v Middlesbrough in Wembley ( Zenith Data Systems Cup Final) this would be late March 1990. Interesting that he knew about Nirvana would had only released ‘Bleach’ the previous year.

  3. John Peel, such an interesting character, very open, not afraid to share his thoughts and even admit to being emotional. Great interview, Dave was very relaxed and let John talk a lot which was great. Be good to know if the full interview exists and how long it was.

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