The Believers (Cork Rock 1990)

The recent demo from The Boy The Boy generated some nice feedback which is encouraging, it’s nice to know folks are listening.. Greg on facebook asked if we had anything by The Believers so a rumble through the tape archive was called for..

The Believers were a post Light A Big Fire project of Ken O’Duffy (vocals), Pat Diskin (bass), Pete Dench (guitar) and Gary Sullivan (drums). They recorded a Fanning session in 1989 which we have not yet located. We do however have one track recorded live at Cork Rock 1990.

Burning Up (1990)

3 Responses to “The Believers (Cork Rock 1990)”

  1. Ken Duffy went on to form Saville and The Citizens, Gary Sullivan went on to The Unbelievable Children and Engine Alley

  2. correction : Ken O’Duffy

  3. Stereolad70 Says:

    The drummers name in this line up was “Red” (he passed away at a young age) The keyboard player was Neville Bengali.

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