Horslips : Tall Tales – The Offical Biography


Horslips: Tall Tales – The Official Biography‘ by Mark Cunningham is currently on sale at Waterstones for €12.50, a price so ridiculous that even we couldn’t refuse. The book is beautifully produced and any Horslips, indeed any self respecting fan of Irish rock would be crazy not to pick up a copy. Horslips predate this site’s era of expertise but reading John Kelly’s ‘Sophisticated Boom Boom‘ gave a welcome insight in to what that band must have meant to Irish youth in the 70s. Possibly unbeknownst to the casual reader two members of Horslips feature regularly on this site:

Jim Lockhart was a regular producer on Dave Fanning’s show, he produced yesterday’s 1988 David Byrne interview and in Tall Tales Jim recounts producing further interviews with Paul McCartney and U2. Jim also produced the first Cranberries session and sessions by The Corrs and The Frank & Walters and The Frames. Jim started with RTE Radio 2 in 1985 originally producing Mark Cagney’s late night show ‘Nighttrain‘.

Eamon Carr in 1984 founded Hotwire an independent label that would release the debut single by The Stars Of Heaven as well as ‘Gunpowders’ the first Light A Big Fire mini album and the first releases by The Golden Horde. Carr was also responsible for the ‘Hip City Boogaloo‘ (1984) and ‘Weird Weird World of Guru Weirdbrain‘ (1985) compilations.

A proper review by Tonly Clayton Lea in The Irish Times.

PS The amazing inside cover collage just goes to prove what I’ve always believed – Ticketmaster ticket stubs are ugly, boring and bland.

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