Cork Rock

I recently came across a comment by Jim Comet which reminded me that I wanted to recommend ‘Cork Rock‘, Mark McAvoy’s recently published ‘exploration of the history of rock music in Cork’ starting with Rory Gallagher and finishing with the present day. Along the way he details many bands that have featured on this site and many more I’d love to if I could lay my hands on some of their music. If you enjoy perusing the posts here then you’ll certainly enjoy reading Mark’s memories of the Cork music scene and the various haunts many of which are no longer there. But don’t take my word for it, read what Nick Kelly, and Hotpress thought. While on the subject of Cork, the most recent issue of Hotpress was a Cork special including a programme for the upcoming Marquee gigs and a tasty CD in conjunction with 96FM featuring some excellent tracks from Boa Morte, Hooray For Humans, Fingersmith and (sounding better than ever) The Frank and Walters. The book can be picked up in HMV and Waterstones for €15.

Given the Cork theme, I hope Conor over at Dublin Opinion doesn’t mind my embedding a track from his Microdisney post yesterday featuring the first single by that famous Cork band. Is that synchronicity or what? Thanks Conor for pointing out this rather interesting discussion on matters Microdisney and Star Of Heaven..

Microdisney – Hello Rascals (1982)

3 Responses to “Cork Rock”

  1. Phil Daly Says:

    That Cork rock book is a great read.

  2. john mcguire Says:

    Great read and a memory blast book. Thrilled to be featured in it under my bands that i played in IDOL JOY & THE PAKT from Cork. Nice bloke too Mark.

  3. Shane O'Sullivan Says:

    I see John Spillane endorsed this book. Sounds like an excellent read. Was published in 2009 so must chase down a copy.

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