The Cranberries (1991 Session)

A big shout out to Dan Hegarty for single handedly keeping the flame of The Fanning Sessions alive. He has already featured the ‘classic’ Frank & Walters session and last week dug out this treat from The Cranberries or The Cranberry Saw Us as they were still at that time known – their first Fanning session recorded 9th March 1991. Once again if anyone out there still has cassette recordings from the 80s Fanning shows in their attic please get in touch as the old archive deperately needs some fresh meat..




Put Me Down

17 Responses to “The Cranberries (1991 Session)”

  1. Felipe Rissato Says:

    Great site! Congrats!
    Please, tell me, (9.3.1991) means 9th March or 3rd September?
    Best regards from Brasil,
    Lipecran. 😉

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hi Felipe, that session date was 9th March 1991.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these treasures with the fans of the cranberries!

    Please, if you have anything more from this great band, share with us, we would thank you a lot! =D


  4. Thanks for sharing this amazing jewel with the Cranberries fans worldwide and for the music fans around the globe!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing.

    How many Fanning Sessions The Cranberries did?

  6. Thanks so much! 🙂

  7. Hello!

    Thank you for sharing these Cranberries songs.
    I’m interested in more Cranberries rarities…for example ‘Icicle melts’, ‘Like you used to’ and ‘False’. I have these songs but their quality is not too good.
    I would be very happy to hear them in better quality.

    best wishes: Andrew

  8. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Live version of ‘Uncertain’ posted here

  9. thank you sooooo much…this is a treasure…a big treasure for us!!!!
    u make us so happy!!!!!
    * there is also a session from 1990 right?

    greetings from Greece

  10. Many many thanks from Greece…:)

  11. Thomas Dohman Says:

    Nice to hear these guys at the startup. Looking back and not hearing these tracks before now gives one a feeling of how they developed the sound to where it is today. And it’s cool because I like either version of the band as in early on or today’s sound in the band. Just pure energy and light always. Thomas

  12. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Just posted a 1993 interview with Dolores and Fergal..

  13. […] You can listen to the three songs from the 1991 Dave Fanning Session on the The Dave Fanning Sessions Archive website. […]

  14. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Adding 4th track ‘Put Me Down’

  15. […] can listen to the complete 1991 Session on the Dave Fanning Archive […]

  16. […] the meantime, you can listen to the complete 1991 session on the Fanning Sessions Archive […]

  17. […] was on an early 90′s Dave Fanning 2fm session that Dolores O’Riordan first trembled those ‘so uncertain in love’ vocals. At […]

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