Cork Rock (1991)

Hot Press Cork Rock 91 - full line up.jpg

Update: Be sure to check out two excellent documentaries by Dan Hegarty on Cork Rock here. Also Colm O’Callaghan at The Blackpool Sentinel is doing sterling work and Cork Rock has been mentioned on at least one occasion e.g. Toasted Heretic. A second tape has been discovered featuring 90 minutes of Cork Rock broadcasts so we may be in for a new post on the subject.

Here’s what none other than Billboard magazine wrote about Cork Rock:

One important annual event for new talent in Ireland is Cork Rock, a showcase event sponsored by Radio 2FM, Hot Press magazine and the Irish Music Rights Organization. ..

2FM producer Jim Lockhart recalls 1991 as the event’s most memorable year, with appearances by The Cranberries, Therapy? and Sultans Of Ping, The Frank and Walters, Toasted Heretic and Chelsea Drugstore, today known as The Devlins.

The following tracks were all recorded from Dave Fanning’s 2FM radio show.

Toasted Heretic – Galway and Los Angeles

The Cranberries – Uncertain

The Frank and Walters – Michael

Azure Days – Blew My Clouds Away

17 Responses to “Cork Rock (1991)”

  1. this is totally awesome.a treasure! i focus on Dolores’ voice. OhMyGod!!!!
    thank you

  2. cranberries were big news in 1991.
    20 years later they still do..:) we re waiting for their new album.!!

  3. Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries is by far the prover of who is the real artist amongst the best. She even possesses the power to revive The Cranberries in a split second’s notice. She has developed into that of a goddess taking on all genres of music. To reach worldwide success wit’out any support from the music industry of america. She has defied every known law of the universe. She is unstoppable, and if you know anyt’ing about the music business and what she’s done since her amazing debut onto the scene, then you know pound for pound, she is the best. Hi, Litsa 😉

  4. Thank you! Hope you will post more treasure like this one!

    I do L-O-V-E ‘Same Old Story’, ‘Serious’, the 1st version of ‘Liar’… all of them Live @ Town & Country Club in London (1991-08-31) =D

  5. oooh thank you so much! this is really awesome!
    they are the best there’s no doubt!
    i wonder if there’s a way to download this song?

  6. alexverveboy Says:

    ¡Wonderful! live version ¡wow!

  7. OMG….What a VOICE….SUPER!!!!

  8. Felipe Rissato Says:

    Thank You so very much for it!

    Please, do you have more recordings of this festival? I know that The Cranberries played at least “Dreams”, too.

    The exact date of it was 1st June, 1991 right?

    Best regards from Brazil,


  9. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thank you for all the comments. I currently have no further Cork Rocks 1991 audio or Cranberries sessions but if I come across any I will endeavour to share 😉

  10. […] through the lengths. And the quality and regional spread of the line-up that played the Cork Rock event at Sir Henry’s in June, 1991, reflects just how urgent some of the music from that period […]

  11. […] on the undercard whenever ‘national’ breezed into town to do a Lark By The Lee, Telethon or a Cork Rocks and, while Barry Lang and Electric Eddie took care of the heavy business and introduced Aslan or […]

  12. […] and get them away on an annual showcase in Sir Henry’s in Cork over three consecutive nights. Cork Rock was where, once again, he took on the work of a murder of record company talent spotters and put […]

  13. Felipe Rissato Says:

    The recording of “Dreams” played at Cork’91 was surfaced few days ago by RTÉ 2fm


  14. Any chance for a release of the whole Cranberries show of that date? RIP Dolores 😦

  15. and then there were the Cork second wave punk bands,,,,Unknown Wrecks who I happen to have a c60 of,Violent Phobia(also have their c60 release),Village Idiots,Suburban Rebels,Plastic Razors……..and od course Urban Blitz and The Kidz from the early days….and Berzerker……some great pure punk from Leeside.

  16. I miss Dolores

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