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Hot Press Unsigned Irish Music Act 1991 Public Vote

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It’s too late to submit your vote but you might be interested to see who was on the shortlist for the Smithwicks / Hot Press Public Vote Award as published in the 12th December 1991 edition of Hot Press magazine. Votes were not restricted to the listed bands.

Cork Rock (1991)

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Hot Press Cork Rock 91 - full line up.jpg

Update: Be sure to check out two excellent documentaries by Dan Hegarty on Cork Rock here. Also Colm O’Callaghan at The Blackpool Sentinel is doing sterling work and Cork Rock has been mentioned on at least one occasion e.g. Toasted Heretic. A second tape has been discovered featuring 90 minutes of Cork Rock broadcasts so we may be in for a new post on the subject.

Here’s what none other than Billboard magazine wrote about Cork Rock:

One important annual event for new talent in Ireland is Cork Rock, a showcase event sponsored by Radio 2FM, Hot Press magazine and the Irish Music Rights Organization. ..

2FM producer Jim Lockhart recalls 1991 as the event’s most memorable year, with appearances by The Cranberries, Therapy? and Sultans Of Ping, The Frank and Walters, Toasted Heretic and Chelsea Drugstore, today known as The Devlins.

The following tracks were all recorded from Dave Fanning’s 2FM radio show.

Toasted Heretic – Galway and Los Angeles

The Cranberries – Uncertain

The Frank and Walters – Michael

Azure Days – Blew My Clouds Away

Azure Days (Session)

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Carlow band Azure Days recorded 4 sessions for the Dave Fanning show but so far I have only managed to track down this one track. I believe it comes from the third or fourth of those sessions. Azure Days were Gala Hutton (vocals & guitar), Liam O’Brien (guitar), Ray Lowry (bass) and Gerry Farrell (drums) . Thanks to demosuzki for helping confirm the track origin.

She Won’t Come Again (Session)

Azure Days

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From Carlow Azure Days were Carling / Hot Press Band of the Year finalists in 1986 and winners in 1987. The first track today ‘The Old Tradition’ featured on Comet LP Two while the second track ‘Blew My Clouds Away’ was released as a single on Mystery Records in November 1987. I have a third track I think is Azure Days but am not 100% sure (see here). According to the Irish Punk And New Wave Discography the band comprised Gala Hutton (vocals & guitar), Ray Lowry (bass) and Gerry Farrell (drums, later of Skindive) but both photographs show 4 members.. Updating: Thanks to Neil and Krusty the fourth member is Liam O’Brien. The single was produced by Tír na nÓg’s Leo O’Kelly who recorded his own version of said track in 2002. Gala Hutton later featured in bands 79Cortinaz and The Trains and is currently busy with Sugar Factory. Update: According to Wikipedia Robbie Robinson featured on ‘Blew My Clouds Away’ and also on this.

The Old Tradition (1987)

Blew My Clouds Away (1987)