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Prompted by RTEArchives recent tweet on ‘Aspects of Rock’ we decided to compile a list of TV shows on the national broadcasters dedicated to rock music or which regularly featured musical performance by Irish acts. Thank you for a good starting point. We have a YouTube channel with 42 playlists collecting clips from many of these shows. Anyone fancy compiling a list of musical guests on The Late Late Show? The list is sorted in chronological order where the show dates are known. This is a first draft and is a work in progress. All corrections & feedback as ever welcome.

Update: received quite a bit of feedback, originally this was very much an 80s/90s focussed list also it turns out there were quite a few TV shows that featured musical performances. Expanding the list but will have to figure out a better way to sort.

The Late Late Show (1962-2019)
The Showband Show
Youngline (1976-83)
Our Times (1977-79)
SBB in a Shui (1976-83)
Aspects Of Rock (1979)
Anything Goes (1980-86)
Non Stop Pop (1981-82)
New Moves (1982)
TV Gaga (1985-86)
Borderline (1987-88)
Visual Eyes (1986-87)
The Session (1987)
Megamix (1986-87)
Check It Out (1989)
Scaoil Amach an Bobalin (1990)
No Disco (1993-2003)
Electric Ballroom (1993-)
Gortnaclune (1994)
Reverb (2005)
Other Voices (2003-2019)
Music For D’Telly (2015-2018)

Channel One (BBC Northern Ireland)
The Den
@last TV
On The Waterfront
Jo Maxi
7 Bands On The Up
Kenny Live
Action Station Saturday
Bringing It All Back Home (1991)
The Beatbox
Scratch Saturday
Space Station Videos (1985?)
The Plastic Orange
Podge & Rodge
Primetime (mid 80s?)
The Imelda May Show
Number One
The Last Broadcast (presented by Dave Fanning)
Good Grief Moncrief (1996, presented by Sean Moncrieff)
The End (1993-96, presented by Sean Moncrieff)

Ceol ar an Imeall (presented by Una Mullally, Cian Ó Cíobháin, Eithne Shorthall)
o bun go barr
Pop4 (presented by Eoghan McDermott)
The Windmill Lane Sessions
Pop TV na tSamhraidh

Pop on 3 (presented by Darragh Purcell)
The Sound Room

Channel 6
When Under Ether (presented by Michelle Doherty)
Nightshift (presented by Michelle Doherty)

Cork Multi Channel
Music Box

It Makes You Want To Spit (1978)
Shellshock Rock (1979)
Big Time: The Terri Hooley Story (2002)
Hot Press: The Write Stuff (2011)
The Philip Lynott Archive (2012)
Here Comes The Summer: The Undertones Story (2012)
The Irish Rock Story: A Tale of Two Cities (2015)
U2 agus an Arc (2017)
Phil Lynott: 36 Years Of ‘Old Town’ (2018)

Good Vibrations (2012)

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