The Undertones (In Concert)

Formed in Derry in 1975 by Feargal Sharkey (vocals), Damian O’Neill (guitar), John O’Neill (guitar), Michael Bradley (bass) and Billy Doherty (drums). The Undertones debut single ‘Teenage Kicks’, was released on Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations label in 1978 and so enamoured Radio One DJ John Peel that he declared it his “favourite record of all time”.

when saturday comes
i don’t know
the love parade
teenage kicks
chain of love
lets talk about girls
jump boys

In Concert (1983)

3 Responses to “The Undertones (In Concert)”

  1. Debut single was released in September 1978.

    All the best.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    I must proofread my posts
    I must proofread my posts
    I must proofread my posts

    Thanks Ralph! John Peel first played ‘Teenage Kicks’ (along with the rest of the EP) on 12 September 1978. Unfortunately, this historic occasion isn’t part of the sections of the programme that are currently available, which total around 55 minutes over at the Peel Wiki but maybe we can rectify that?

  3. ah, this is great, i actually still have this one, both parts, always preferred the version of conscious on this, …well done d

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