Lord John White (1986 Session)

lord john white - megamix

Today we have two three out of the four songs recorded by Lord John White for the Dave Fanning show circa 1986. This band later achieved success as Sack and released three albums.

Update: From Dublin, Lord John White were Martin McCann (vocals), John Brereton (guitar), Derek Lee (bass) and Tony Brereton (drums). Martin McCann was previously in Aiken Drum.

Swan The Pond

Van Norden Jumps In

Dream Flower

8 Responses to “Lord John White (1986 Session)”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Updating with third session track ‘Dream Flower’. Thanks Rob!

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Martin McCann has a new project Elevens with Tony Barrett (Brilliant Trees) Mark Healy (Josephs/Subtonics/Mudbug Club) and Aidan Kelly (Candy). Their 2FM session was broadcast last night on the Dan Hegarty show.

  3. Everything Martin McCann is involved with is nothing short of spectacular. LJW, Sack….Elevens.

  4. Tony Brereton Says:

    Hi, I played drums on this, thanks so much for posting, haven’t heard this in years. I think we did a couple more Fanning sessions, wonder would you be able to post or even mail them to me, I remember one song was called ‘the real mccoy’, don’t know if this helps, thanks once again, Tony….

  5. Johnny Carey Says:

    Tony Brereton is now playing drums for Electric Penguins – a brilliant band and very underrated.

  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I’m afraid I don’t have any more sessions but maybe someone reading this does. Yesterday was one of the busiest days on the site so someone managed to drum up some listeners! I know of the Electric Penguins but hadnt made the connection so thanks for that Johnny.

  7. Tony Brereton Says:

    Its a great site, love listening back to some of the old sessions, maybe some of the old sessions are on cassette in my parents house, must pull them out and figure out how to convert them. Yes, myself and my brother John now play with the Electric Penguins, we did a Dan Hegarty session and a Sean Rocks session last year. New album out soon, Paul and Mark (electric penguins) are among Irelands finest songwriters and producers. Great to be still involved with music after all these years, thanks once again, Tony….

  8. Tony did you ever dig out those cassettes?

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