The Shanks (1992 Session)

The Shanks

Photo (c) Siobhan Bardsley

Formed in Newmarket, Co.Cork in 1991, The Shanks started life as a four piece with Tim Murphy (guitar, vocals), Eoin O’Sullivan (guitar), Mick Hayes (bass) and Niall Lynch (drums). Murphy left in 1992 with ? taking over on vocal duties and the band continued as a 3 piece until 1999 releasing two albums; ‘The Prawn Lawn’ (1995) and ‘Brang’ (1999). ‘The Prawn Lawn’ featured at number 17 in ‘Cork’s Top 50 Albums‘ as chosen by The date/year of this Fanning session has yet to be ascertained..
Update: Patrick Feehan has confirmed the year was 1992.

Update: Loads more in this post on the Songs To Learn And Sing website.

The Pool


Nowhere Left To Go

Babbling Brook

3 Responses to “The Shanks (1992 Session)”

  1. Tony ODiamond Says:

    Ive always said it and always will The Shanks were the best band to come out of Cork ..

  2. Mick Hayes is still jamming… Saw him in a Chicago venue playing with his wife Clancy as The Staystillpills… They were incredible… Found them on a Del Shannon Tribute and waiting for their new EP…

  3. […] of the Planet is a new band that Tomás is producing, with former members of The Shanks and Semi. Tracking and overdubs were done at bpm Studios with Finny. Tomás reckons it’s the […]

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