The Swinging Swine (1988 Session)


The very first artist to feature on this site was Galway band The Swinging Swine. The lineup that recorded today’s session were (I hope) Joanne Loughman (vocals), Eamonn Dowd (guitar, vocals), Doug Steen (lead guitar), Hugh O’Carroll (fiddle), John Lalor (bass) and Billy Geraghty (drums). The session was recorded on 16th March 1988. Eamonn Dowd plays O’Keefe’s, Clonmel 21st Feb and Tom Steele’s, Ennis 22nd Feb 2014. Joanne Loughman featured on a track on David Long‘s solo album last year.

I Won’t Be Home Tonight (1988)

All You Need Is Love (1988)

This Wicked World / Everything Will Shine (1988)

3 Responses to “The Swinging Swine (1988 Session)”

  1. Eamonn Dowd and Steve Wall had a band called New Testament around 1982-84 or so – saw them in The Cellar a number of times. Wonder if there’s any tapes about?

  2. I did ask Eamonn this when I had e-mail contact with him a number of years ago and he send me a load of Swine stuff and he advised me to contact Steve

    I did contact Steve (can’t remember how now) and he said they were in the loft and haven’t heard a thing since

    I saw New Testament twice back in the day , first time at a festival at the Half Way House pub (between Milltown & Tuam) , well in a marquee beside the pub , if there was 10 people would be as much

    Second time was supporting All Cats are Grey from Tuam in Corofin community hall , now that was packed

    great days

    I’m looking for any stuff by the Kathleens from Galway

    even the album is alluding me at the moment

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