PBR Streetgang (Session)

pbr streetgangFrom Northern Ireland and with 3 releases on Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations, details are once again annoyingly sparse for today’s session from PBR Streetgang. Please get in touch if you have any information. Update: Thanks to Stuart Bailie we now know the band were fronted by Colin Crooks later of The Graceland Conspiracy and The Dollybyrds. 


Talking To You

Running Into Dust

These Days

2 Responses to “PBR Streetgang (Session)”

  1. Mark lovell Says:

    Does anyone have anymore info did they release an album would love to find out more these tracks are brilliant.

  2. nigel Charlesworth Says:

    I remember they used to rehearse just before us in the same place. There were very few places to rehearse in 80s Belfast so we had to be creative. PBR Streetgang and my band, True Colours, used to rehearse in meeting rooms in Olympia Leisure Centre, Boucher Road. We also used to rehearse in a changing room at another leisure centre with showers adding to the ambient sound. Sort of.

    Nigel Charlesworth

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