Fatima Mansions (1990 Interview)


I was lucky enough in late 1989 to see Fatima Mansions in a venue I can no longer remember the name of, behind a pub in London and it was one of the best gigs I have ever seen. I thought Cathal Coughlan was going to explode, he was putting so much effort into singing or was it howling the lyrics. This interview with Dave Fanning was recorded on 19th Feb 1990, almost 21 years ago to the day. Fatima Mansions was of course Cathal Coughlan’s post Microdisney venture and their first album ‘Against Nature‘ had been released in September the previous year. Thank you Micheal Mee for sharing.

Cathal Coughlan Interview (19.2.1990)

4 Responses to “Fatima Mansions (1990 Interview)”

  1. The Mechanic Says:


  2. Rumblewire Says:

    Thanks for resurrecting the interview – great stuff indeed!

  3. Carl Ellard Says:


  4. Quite a lot of Fatima Mansions articles are by Andrew Mueller. Why is that?
    I have been an FM fan for decades. I saw them play a nearly empty tent at the 1990 Trinity Ball in Dublin. That was my first viewing. Nobody expected the noise of Angel’s Delight.
    Before that there was Microdisney which I still listen to. I suppose Crooked Mile is my favourite. It’s a beautiful album. Try finding a copy.
    Lost in the Former West is the most accomplished FM album. I saw much of that performed in a place on Baggot Street where Tin Machine once played- Whelan’s, I think. Am I the world’s only Tin Machine and Fatima Mansions fan?

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