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At The Window (1987 Session)

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It’s hard to believe this blog has been going so long and even harder to believe I never posted this before. At The Window featured 3 years ago with a personal favourite ‘State Aid‘ recorded as part of a Fanning session. That track struck a chord with other readers and recently seekenee managed to dig out some video footage of the band performing that song for RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘. Today I have what I believe to be a demo recorded by the band and broadcast by Barry Martin on Limerick pirate radio station The Sound Channel in the late 80s. I could be wrong as a number of unidentified tracks posted prove but my own handwriting states that this is At The Window so here goes. If anyone has any further details on the band please get in touch or even better leave a comment. Also thank you for the excellent comments on my recent manifesto. If anyone has any pull at RTE now is your chance.. Update: thanks to two readers we now have the band lineup, it was Nick Knight (guitars, pedals) Eamonn Lenihan (bass, vocals), Paul Lehane (drums) and a song title.

White Sheets (1987)


Private World (1987 Demo)

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Limerick band Private World were active from 1987 until 1990 and comprised Pearse Gilmore (vocals), Brian Kelly (guitar), James Hanley (keyboards), Declan Hogan (bass) and Seamus O Muircheartaigh (drums). They released a single ‘Blue Gem Sea’ on Xeric Records in 1989. In 1990 they featured on the Xeric compilation of Limerick bands ‘The Reindeer Age‘ with ‘Change The Room’. Today’s track was taken from an early demo called ‘Severity’ and was recorded off the Barry Martin show on Limerick pirate radio station Sound Channel (98.7 FM stereo) in 1987. More details at the Limerick Band Archive.

Red Grass (Demo,1987)