Sissy (1999 Session)


From Carlow, Sissy were from left to right Justin Kelly (guitar), Fergal Barry (lead guitar), Claire Noons (vocals), Sean McMahon (bass) and Padraigh Comerford (drums). They recorded a 4 track session produced by Paddy McBreen for Dave Fanning in 1999 of which we have the first two numbers. They were one of 6 Irish bands chosen by 2FM to go to Eurodisney in Paris to play shows over St Patrick’s week. Fergal, Sean and Padraigh went on to form Le Mons and later The Lemons. Fergal Barry died tragically in Prague in 2005 and is still sadly missed by Pádraigh and Sean. If you have the remaining tracks or any press reviews please get in touch.


Novelty (1999)

Crazy Time (1999)

One Response to “Sissy (1999 Session)”

  1. I was wondering if I sent you a recording of kids in my special needs school doing drumming ( which I coach them with ) would you mind reviewing it and maybe posting it online? Thanking you, Pádraigh

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