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To Here Knows When – Great Irish Albums Revisited

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Paul Mc Dermott is no stranger round these parts, he is the man behind a series of excellent radio documentaries on Microdisney, Stump, Finbarr Donnelly and Michael O’Shea. Paul’s latest project is a podcast ‘To Here Knows When – Great Irish Albums Revisited‘ looking at the making of iconic Irish albums with one of the creators. The first episode featured Paul Page of Whipping Boy on their album ‘Heartworm‘ which has just been rereleased in an expanded edition by Needle Mythology (with new sleeve note by Colm O’Callaghan of The Blackpool Sentinel). Episode 2 looked at the Toasted Heretic album ‘Another Day, Another Riot‘ with Julian Gough which was also recently rereleased in digital form. We’re not big on podcasts here but Paul is on a one man mission to change that, both episodes were fantastic listens offering new detail on the recording of the albums and providing insight how the artists now feel about their creations at a 25 year remove. Episode 3 will feature Cathal Coughlan on ‘Viva Dead Ponies’ by Fatima Mansions which is also sure to be essential listening. We wish Paul the best of luck with the new venture and look forward to many more episodes.

Update: Adding Tom Dunne interview on the Newstalk Sean Moncrief show.

Episode 1: Paul Page (Whipping Boy)

Episode 2: Julian Gough (Toasted Heretic)

Episode 3: Cathal Coughlan (Fatima Mansions)

Episode 4: Shane O’Neill (Blue In Heaven)

Episode 5: David Long (Into Paradise)

Paul McDermott interview (21st Sep 2021)

Whipping Boy (1990 Session)

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It’s become tradition now that a bank holiday sees Ian Wilson dispatched to the RTE 2fm session archives to dig out classic sessions for Dan Hegarty to play on his show. Monday last was no disappointment with session tracks from Emperor of Icecream, Into Paradise and finally Whipping Boy. We are already familiar with their 1995 session but on Monday Dan chose to dig out the 1990 session and played the following track..

‘Valentine 69’ (1990)

On June 12th 2012 Dan repeated the session this time in full and here are the remaining tracks. The original Whipping Boy lineup which was presumably the same for this session was Fearghal McKee (vocals), Paul Page (guitar), Myles McDonnell (bass, vocals) and Colm Hassett (drums).

In November 2018 in a facebook comment Paul Page wrote:

That session sounded so much better than the EP. Remember some talk of approaching RTE to get permission to use it. Ended up re-recording those tracks & they just sounded weaker.

‘Switchblade Smile’ (1990)

‘S.M. Daze’ (1990)

‘I Think I Miss You’ (1990)

Whipping Boy (1995 Session)

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Whipping Boy were formed in Dublin (1988) by Fearghal McKee (vocals), Paul Page (guitar), Myles McDonnell (bass, vocals) and Colm Hassett (drums). They released three albums; ‘Submarine’ (1992) on the Dublin independent label Liquid, ‘Heartworm’ (1995) on Columbia and a final self-titled album on Low Rent Records (2001). The band reformed briefly in 2005 for a series of shows. In 2011 Whipping Boy reformed again without Paul Page and Myles McDonnell. Watch them perform an acoustic version of ‘Twinkle’ on RTE’s No Disco here. This session was recorded for Dave Fanning in 1995.

The Honeymoon Is Over‘ (1995)

When We Were Young‘ (Philo Version) 1995