Into Paradise (1990 Session)

Into Paradise were Dave Long (vocals, guitar), Rachel Tighe (bass), James Eadie (guitar, keyboards) and Ronan Clarke (drums). Dave explains at the end of the recording that this repeat airing of the session was broadcast just before the release of the band’s ‘Change’ EP (22nd May 1990). Owain who dug this out wrote “the session version of ‘Change’ is pretty awesome in my view and much better than the released version”. Maybe Dan Hegarty and Ian Wilson might consider this one for their next “classic session” feature on Dan’s RTE 2XM/2FM show ‘The Alternative‘?  Anyone have a copy of the fourth and final track ‘Heaven’? Update: Thank you Owain for locating the missing track!

Burns My Skin (1990)

Dreaming (1990)

Change (1990)

Heaven (1990)

6 Responses to “Into Paradise (1990 Session)”

  1. Pete Cole Says:

    Can we have Burns My Skin and Heaven too? Pretty please! x

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks to Dan & Ian we now have ‘It Burns My Skin’

  3. Pete Cole Says:

    Thank you!!

  4. Pete Cole Says:

    Just ‘Heaven’ to go then…

  5. […] excellent Fanning Sessions has some Into Paradise material here and here and as I discovered , some helpful soul has put a good deal of their material on youtube. Theres […]

  6. Brilliant

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