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To Here Knows When – Great Irish Albums Revisited

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Paul Mc Dermott is no stranger round these parts, he is the man behind a series of excellent radio documentaries on Microdisney, Stump, Finbarr Donnelly and Michael O’Shea. Paul’s latest project is a podcast ‘To Here Knows When – Great Irish Albums Revisited‘ looking at the making of iconic Irish albums with one of the creators. The first episode featured Paul Page of Whipping Boy on their album ‘Heartworm‘ which has just been rereleased in an expanded edition by Needle Mythology (with new sleeve note by Colm O’Callaghan of The Blackpool Sentinel). Episode 2 looked at the Toasted Heretic album ‘Another Day, Another Riot‘ with Julian Gough which was also recently rereleased in digital form. We’re not big on podcasts here but Paul is on a one man mission to change that, both episodes were fantastic listens offering new detail on the recording of the albums and providing insight how the artists now feel about their creations at a 25 year remove. Episode 3 will feature Cathal Coughlan on ‘Viva Dead Ponies’ by Fatima Mansions which is also sure to be essential listening. We wish Paul the best of luck with the new venture and look forward to many more episodes.

Update: Adding Tom Dunne interview on the Newstalk Sean Moncrief show.

Episode 1: Paul Page (Whipping Boy)

Episode 2: Julian Gough (Toasted Heretic)

Episode 3: Cathal Coughlan (Fatima Mansions)

Episode 4: Shane O’Neill (Blue In Heaven)

Episode 5: David Long (Into Paradise)

Paul McDermott interview (21st Sep 2021)

Blue In Heaven (1985 Session)

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blue in heaven

From Churchtown in Dublin, Blue In Heaven were Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). Shane, Declan and Dave were previously in Amuse with Dave Long (Into Paradise). Shane, Declan and Dave would later form The Blue Angels with Quentin Cowper and Eamonn Tynan. Shane and Dave teamed up again in Supernaut and in May 2021 released an album ‘Moll & Zeis‘. Photo by Mary Lee (c) RTÉ Stills Department taken backstage at ‘Self Aid‘ (1986). Thanks to Dan Hegarty for continuing to plough through the archive and of course to the oracle himself Ian Wilson. Be sure to check out Mike McGrath-Bryan‘s radio preview in the Irish Examiner every Saturday as he has the inside track regarding what sessions will feature on Dan’s show. Check out this recent interview with Dan on the RTE Studio8 sessions.

Across My Heart (1985)
Brings Me Closer (1985)
Like A Child (1985)

The Blue Angels (1993 HMV Unplugged)

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blue angels

The Blue Angels were Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Quentin Cowper (guitar), Eamonn Tynan (keyboards), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). Shane, Declan and Dave were previously members of Blue In Heaven. Candy was released as a single in 1991 and was voted into Fanning’s Fab Fifty at number 33 that same year. This particular recording can be found on the 1993 HMV Unplugged compilation.

Candy (1993 live acoustic)

Dave Fanning’s Irish Show (March 1984)

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Today we have a treat, a 45 minute recording of the Dave Fanning show from March 1984 courtesy the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Dave announces he is playing Irish tracks only and plays a number of sessions and even a demo we’d never previously heard from Blue In Heaven. There is one track we haven’t been able to identify so if you know your 80s Irish rock then please put us out of our misery.

u2 – surrender
max – song number 6 (session)
undertones – you’re welcome (live)
the outcasts (1981 session)
auto da fe – bad experience
some kind of wonderful – do you read my letter
pop mecanics – round & round (1984 session)
blue in heaven – say (demo)
blades – revelations of heartbreak
cuba dares (session)
microdisney – hello rascals
gerry cott? – ballad of the lone ranger

Blue In Heaven (1984 Demo)

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blue in heaven shane mccarthy

This 1984 demo track from site favourites Blue In Heaven turned up recently on a Fanning tape. The 1987 photo is courtesy Shane McCarthy.

Don’t forget since today is a bank holiday Dave Couse is back on the national airwaves from 9pm – midnight on TodayFM.

Love Brings Me Closer (1984)

Blue In Heaven (1988 Session)

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Blue In Heaven hailed from Churchtown in Dublin and featured Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). They recorded this session on 15th July 1988.

Red Dress / Hold On / Come Back / Try A Little Love (1988)

Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)

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This Blue in Heaven concert was recorded in RTE studio 1 in November 1985 and broadcast by Dave Fanning on his RTE Radio 2 (now 2fm) show over two nights. The concert was recorded by Paddy McBreen and produced by Julian Vignoles. With thanks to the listener, Owain from North Wales (yes Dave Fanning had a UK fanbase also) who dug this one out.

Talking to the One I Love
New Song
Hope to God
Julie Cries
I Wanna Be Your Man
Change Your Mind
Rolling in the Crowd
Tell Me
New Song
Old Ned
I Just Wanna

Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)

Blue In Heaven

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Dave Couse (yes, him) is planning an Irish Indie night ‘An Teach Solas’ next Sunday from 10pm – midnight on TodayFM (no website but he did suggest emailing him MP3s). The reason I mention this is because he was apparently having trouble tracking down music by todays featured artist.

Hot Press cover photo taken by Shane McCarthy

Hot Press cover photo, Shane McCarthy

Blue In Heaven hailed from Churchtown in Dublin and featured Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). They released their first single ‘The Lights Go Out’ in 1983 which apparently Bono placed in a personal top 10 in a 1983 Rolling Stone article. Their first album ‘All The Gods’ Men’ was produced in 1985 by Joy Division producer Martin Hannett and featured singles ‘Julie Cries’ and ‘Across My Heart’. But it was with the release of second album ‘Explicit Material’ and especially the single ‘I Just Wanna‘ that they converted me.

I saw them a number of times live and on RTE and they appeared in the 1986 Self Aid benefit. Shane O’Neill was obviously a fan of Iggy Pop as the controversial Hot Press cover above would prove . There are some interesting articles over at The Record Robot and Dublin Opinion. This track was the b-side to ‘I Just Wanna’.

Beating In My Head (Little Flower) (1986)