Tears Of Lost Children (1989 Session)

This Fanning session was recorded on 9th October 1989. That is the sum total of our knowledge at this time.. the usually reliable irishrock.org has no listing.

Speak To Me (1989)

Nine Blind Years (1989)

Tripwire (1989)

Secrets (1989)


8 Responses to “Tears Of Lost Children (1989 Session)”

  1. Excelente banda. No la había escuchado antes. Tu página siempre me ilustra en lo musical.

  2. Jormunrekk Says:

    Holy Zeus! Back in the eighties, I got a tape from this band (handwritten label and all) an EP, I guess, titled Love Not Real, which I dearly loved); alas, I never heard anymore from then, neither the guy who gave me the tape…
    Then, when the Internet arrived, I searched for more information on them and didn’t find anything – until now! Thanks a lot for those new tracks! So, they were an Irish band? Has anyone more information about them? Other releases?

  3. Eva coleman Says:

    Omg I just came across this now my dad was the singer in this band

  4. Eva coleman Says:

    My dad was in this band if anyone has any questions you can ask

  5. hello eva,

    any chance you could tell us the band lineup and who played what? if you could find a photo or a piece of band artwork that would be the icing on the cake..

    thank you!

  6. Colin Ryan Says:

    If I’m right, Philip Garry on bass and Johnny Brewer on drums. Don’t know the others

  7. Philip Garry Says:

    Wow good to hear this.I played bass.

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