The Word

The Word released their debut single ‘Kiss The Ground’ in 1989 on Mother Records where it was the twelfth single released.


From Dublin, the band were left to right; Liam Nugent (bass), Dave Beckett (drums), Nick Russell (vocals) and Ronan O’Hanlon (guitar).

Kiss The Ground (1989)

25 Responses to “The Word”

  1. Wow! I’ve been trying to find stuff from The Word for years. Many many years. I remember them playing 7 bands on the up and just loved the songs. But there was one song, Ghost Train, which blew me away. Wonder if anybody out there has a copy of it. 20 years later I’m sure it must still sound great. Anyway thanks for putting Kiss the Ground up, it sounds great.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Dave Heffernan played this track on his 4FM show yesterday..

  3. first off the word are qaulity band my favourite is victoria.eoin i have the video of the word playing 7 bands on the up il put it on cd and send it your way, yeh send me your email.peace

  4. dermot smyth Says:

    in my days with till september .have fond memories of the lads in the word .great days will always stay with me .you knew who the makers and shakers were.the venues the baggot inn.yes great days .

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Dermot, do you have any music / more details on ‘Till September’?

  6. Nick Russell Says:

    This is Nick from the Word and Dermot was a far better singer than me! We played with till September and I know that Dermot was a class karaoke p[erformer in later life…!

    Loads of laughs…..

  7. Hi Nick,
    i’ve been looking to try and get a copy of ‘kiss the ground’ for a friend of mine but having no joy. Is there any copies online or where would be the best place to get one?

  8. Hi Eoin, This is Nick’s son Jordan – so bizzare you wrote that comment a few hours ago! I have a copy of it. give me your email and I can send it to you.

  9. Alan Halford Says:

    I have the 7″ Single of Kiss The Ground.In my opinion it’s one of the most underrated Irish singles. I never heard anything else by The Word. Where more songs released and if so, how do I get my hands on them?

  10. phil mc grane Says:


  11. Where can I hear kangaroo ?

  12. carbury mick Says:

    Guys, The Word were great. Id love to hear ‘My only crime’ again, and ‘kangaroo’ was pure class. Ronan was (is???) A fine guitarist.

  13. david beckett Says:

    Hi This David from the word just found this site
    they were great days lots of characters, yes Ronan was {is} a great guitarist and song writer.

  14. Dara Kelly Says:

    My only crime….was to follow you…
    The Word were fantastic. So many great memories. I’d love to relive a gig at the Baggot. Wish I had all the songs again.
    Jordan – how can you even contemplate giving away a record? 🙂

  15. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    apart from that Mother records 7″, I have another CD-Single `Move Along` along with `Listen and `The King & I`

  16. Chris Godson Says:

    Please put up the B side – Kangaroo.

  17. Are The Word songs available for download anywhere?

  18. Have not heard this song in 25+ years. Used to play this on pirate radio way back when. Still have the 7″ single somewhere in my collection. Great track!

  19. Its the B side Kangeroo that i would like to hear again, great track.

  20. Aidan McGrath Says:

    Buy Kiss the ground on 7″ in Kielys record shop in Tralee many moons ago and still have it in the collection.A great song and still put it on from time to time.Takes me back to a great era of Irish bands touring and live gigs.

  21. Brendan Hogan Says:

    Hi to all the lads from the word Brendan from carbury were u stayed for while boys we have great memories from that time wish we could do it all again u were brill such good singing Nick Ronan lead bass Liam and drums Dave great trips to Dublin to c u all great times and remember lads the soccer games in carbury hope life s good to u all best wishes from carbury

  22. Adrian Feeney Says:

    Hey Nick and Dave, what you up to now? Adrian

  23. Nick Russell Says:

    Hi Aidan…me and Daveyboy Beckett still stay In touch…and very very rarely bang out a tune…he played drums and I sang kiss the ground at my wedding! The gang fro. CARBURY were sooo good to us…ww had a ball…

  24. Elizabeth Sheridan Says:

    Wow…reliving some great memories here..loved going to see The Word playing during my late teenage years in Carbury. Fantastic band!!

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