Blue In Heaven (1984 Demo)

blue in heaven shane mccarthy

This 1984 demo track from site favourites Blue In Heaven turned up recently on a Fanning tape. The 1987 photo is courtesy Shane McCarthy.

Don’t forget since today is a bank holiday Dave Couse is back on the national airwaves from 9pm – midnight on TodayFM.

Love Brings Me Closer (1984)

4 Responses to “Blue In Heaven (1984 Demo)”

  1. John Dundon Says:

    That’s Kieran Kennedy on the far left of Black Velvet Band / 1990 etc etc so guess the photo is from the latter part of BIH around the Rock and Role Ep which I was lucky enough to pick up recently on 12 inch vinyl for E 5 in the market in Limerick

  2. This is a demo of a track on blue in heaven s album ‘all the gods men’ produced by martin hannett if that is what you are asking

  3. Thanks for confirmation d, updated post.

  4. Baked Sodium Says:

    As d said, this is a demo of The Big Beat in question, especially cause the first lines are taken from that song.

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