Blue In Heaven

Dave Couse (yes, him) is planning an Irish Indie night ‘An Teach Solas’ next Sunday from 10pm – midnight on TodayFM (no website but he did suggest emailing him MP3s). The reason I mention this is because he was apparently having trouble tracking down music by todays featured artist.

Hot Press cover photo taken by Shane McCarthy

Hot Press cover photo, Shane McCarthy

Blue In Heaven hailed from Churchtown in Dublin and featured Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). They released their first single ‘The Lights Go Out’ in 1983 which apparently Bono placed in a personal top 10 in a 1983 Rolling Stone article. Their first album ‘All The Gods’ Men’ was produced in 1985 by Joy Division producer Martin Hannett and featured singles ‘Julie Cries’ and ‘Across My Heart’. But it was with the release of second album ‘Explicit Material’ and especially the single ‘I Just Wanna‘ that they converted me.

I saw them a number of times live and on RTE and they appeared in the 1986 Self Aid benefit. Shane O’Neill was obviously a fan of Iggy Pop as the controversial Hot Press cover above would prove . There are some interesting articles over at The Record Robot and Dublin Opinion. This track was the b-side to ‘I Just Wanna’.

Beating In My Head (Little Flower) (1986)

5 Responses to “Blue In Heaven”

  1. What a great band in their heyday!! I have two of their EPs and a 12″ single by them! “Explicit Material” Rock ‘n’ Roll R.I.P and “I just Wanna” Brilliant website, keep up the good work!!!

  2. Video for Red Dress with good quality stereo audio

  3. Wow that is a good recording, thank you Dermot!

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