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Blue In Heaven (1984 Demo)

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blue in heaven shane mccarthy

This 1984 demo track from site favourites Blue In Heaven turned up recently on a Fanning tape. The 1987 photo is courtesy Shane McCarthy.

Don’t forget since today is a bank holiday Dave Couse is back on the national airwaves from 9pm – midnight on TodayFM.

Love Brings Me Closer (1984)

Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute (2000)

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When we first heard about this particular tape we thought it was a recording of an Uaneen show but it turned out to be 45 minutes of a Dave Fanning tribute to Uaneen broadcast a month after her tragic death. It makes for sad listening but is also very touching and so we have decided to share. We hope her friends and family do not mind us sharing, please let us know if this is not the case. If anyone has a nice recording of an Uaneen show we’d love to share that also. Uaneen of course needs no introduction, she was the face of ‘No Disco‘ post Donal Dineen and host to her own RTE 2FM show in the slot after Dave Fanning. ‘No Disco’ also paid tribute with a special show compiling many of her interviews.

Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute on Dave Fanning Show (2000)

Cactus World News – Dave Fanning Interview Etc (1986)

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cactus world news - shane mccarthy photography

Cactus World News were Eoin McEvoy (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Fergal MacAndris (bass) and Wayne Sheehy (drums). Frank and Eoin have just announced a pledge music campaign to release a collection of rare and previously unreleased tracks from the band. By way of a teaser we’ve dug out two items from our own archives. The ‘Dave Fanning Interview’ featured on the ‘Years Later’ special edition EP (1986) while ‘Skin & Dust’ was one of 4 tracks on a Melody Maker Vinyl Conflict EP from the same year. Help ensure ‘Found’ is released by pledging your support here.

Dave Fanning Interview (1986)

Skin & Dust (1986)

Juniper (1996 Session Complete)

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juniper - shane mccarthy
We recently discovered the photographs of Shane McCarthy and have been going through some old posts shamelessly adding artwork (we did ask permission first – thanks Shane!). One of the posts that received a touch up job was this one featuring a solitary Juniper session track which we heard on the Dan Hegarty show back when he was digging out “classic” sessions. Thanks to a kind reader we now have the full session. Juniper of course was the band that preceeded Bellx1 and and featured Damien Rice (vocals & guitar), Paul Noonan (vocals & drums), Dominic Phillips (bass), Brian Crosby (keyboards) and David Geraghty (vocals & guitar).

Deliverance (1996)

Expensive Silence (1996)

Never (1996)

Then Go (1996)

An Emotional Fish – Interview & Session (1989)

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March 1993 (C) Shane McCarthy Photography

March 1993 (C) Shane McCarthy Photography

An Emotional Fish were Ger Whelan (vocals), Martin Murphy (drums), David Frew (guitar), and Enda Wyatt (bass). They did this interview and session for Jim O’Neill on Century Radio in 1989. Since 2002 Ger has been active as Jerry Fish and has gone from success to success. The photo is courtesy Shane McCarthy from a movie inspired photo shoot in March 1993, check out his facebook gallery for more impressive shots.

Century Radio Interview & Session (1989)

Something Happens! In Concert (1989)

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Photo (C) Shane Mc Carthy Photography

Photo (C) Shane Mc Carthy Photography

The Dave Fanning Show on 2FM featured a weekly in concert segment with a 30 minute live recording from a band of the day. Something Happens! featured in session last week but we came across this recording on the Something Happens facebook group and couldn’t resist. It’s a two parter so we pretty have the full show. By the way the lads have just announced they are to play at the Killarney Festival on June 27th alongside The Undertones and The Frank & Walters.

02-What Now
03-Take This With You
05-Tall Girls Club
06-Forget Georgia
07-I Had a Feeling
08-Here Comes the Only One Again
09-7 Days Till 4am
11-Burn Clear
12-Paloma Blanca
13-Summertime Love
14-Does Your Mother Know

In Concert – Part 1 (1989)

In Concert – Part 2 (1989)

Juniper (1996 Session)

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juniper - shane mccarthy

Juniper were formed in 1991 by Dodi Ma (vocals), Paul Noonan (drums), Dominic Phillips (bass) and Brian Crosby (guitar) in Celbridge, Co Kildare. David Geraghty joined in 1993. Juniper released two EPs ‘The J-Plane’ (1994) and ‘Manna’ (1996) and two singles ‘Weatherman‘ (1998) and ‘World Is Dead’ (1998). They recorded a Fanning session in 1996 featuring tracks ‘Expensive Silence’, ‘Then Go’, ‘Never’ and ‘Deliverance’. In 1998 following a disagreement with their record label Dodi Ma quit the band and moved to Tuscany. The remaining band members regrouped as Bellx1 with Paul Noonan on vocals and are about to release their sixth album ‘Bloodless Coup’. Dodi Ma reverted to his real name Damien Rice and released ‘O’ in 2002 which achieved considerable success worldwide.

Then Go (1996)

Blue In Heaven

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Dave Couse (yes, him) is planning an Irish Indie night ‘An Teach Solas’ next Sunday from 10pm – midnight on TodayFM (no website but he did suggest emailing him MP3s). The reason I mention this is because he was apparently having trouble tracking down music by todays featured artist.

Hot Press cover photo taken by Shane McCarthy

Hot Press cover photo, Shane McCarthy

Blue In Heaven hailed from Churchtown in Dublin and featured Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). They released their first single ‘The Lights Go Out’ in 1983 which apparently Bono placed in a personal top 10 in a 1983 Rolling Stone article. Their first album ‘All The Gods’ Men’ was produced in 1985 by Joy Division producer Martin Hannett and featured singles ‘Julie Cries’ and ‘Across My Heart’. But it was with the release of second album ‘Explicit Material’ and especially the single ‘I Just Wanna‘ that they converted me.

I saw them a number of times live and on RTE and they appeared in the 1986 Self Aid benefit. Shane O’Neill was obviously a fan of Iggy Pop as the controversial Hot Press cover above would prove . There are some interesting articles over at The Record Robot and Dublin Opinion. This track was the b-side to ‘I Just Wanna’.

Beating In My Head (Little Flower) (1986)