Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)


This Blue in Heaven concert was recorded in RTE studio 1 in November 1985 and broadcast by Dave Fanning on his RTE Radio 2 (now 2fm) show over two nights. The concert was recorded by Paddy McBreen and produced by Julian Vignoles. With thanks to the listener, Owain from North Wales (yes Dave Fanning had a UK fanbase also) who dug this one out.

Talking to the One I Love
New Song
Hope to God
Julie Cries
I Wanna Be Your Man
Change Your Mind
Rolling in the Crowd
Tell Me
New Song
Old Ned
I Just Wanna

Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)

11 Responses to “Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)”

  1. Jose (El-Melo) Says:

    Absolutely Outstanding !
    Thanks for sharing this “Irish-Live-Gem”.
    With your permission , I’ll upload 2 or 3 songs to my Youtube’s Channel.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Jose. Permission is not mine to give. I have no objection but would appreciate a link back to this post.

  3. Alexander King Says:

    By the way, I set up a facebook group for Blue in Heaven:

  4. Brilliant this is fab – greatest live band ever

  5. m.a.japan Says:

    very very good music! thank you so much!
    l’d like to listen ” the lights go out ”.
    this song is my unknown song!

  6. wow… incredible. an amazing band…would love to see their stuff reissued

  7. great stuff – any chance of posting the BIH Fanning session which included Red Dress (presume the only recorded version of this classic)

  8. actually bought that on oconnell bridge years ago on bootleg tape

  9. Thanks! Thanks! Please more from “Blue in Heaven”!

  10. is there a download of this anywhere so I can burn onto a cd…?!!

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