Blue In Heaven (1988 Session)


Blue In Heaven hailed from Churchtown in Dublin and featured Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). They recorded this session on 15th July 1988.

Red Dress / Hold On / Come Back / Try A Little Love (1988)

7 Responses to “Blue In Heaven (1988 Session)”

  1. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    great – thanks

  2. Been waiting for this for a while – great stuff, thank you. Reckon these tracks combined with Rock n roll RIP original material would have made basis for a great follow up album to Explicit Material before The Blue Angels period.

  3. newwavepop Says:

    FINALLY! please post the others! thank you very very much.

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    @newwavepop Other what? Were there further Blue In Heaven sessions? More details please!

  5. gerry molyneaux Says:

    never did it for me as a punk,oi,ska head,fear more raucous band were The Sussed from same area who have now reformed,are doing a mini tour,and putting out vinyl through Spit Records up north.Well done digging it up though,sure they’ve die hard fans and were popular.

  6. marc mcdonald Says:

    the noise boys at their best

  7. richard Says:

    How does one get this in MP3 format?

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