Tiberius Minnows (1992 Session)

tiberius minnows band

Formed June 1987 in Coalisland, Co. Tyrone, Tiberius Minnows were Michael Rafferty (vocals), Paul Maynes (guitar), Kevin Carson (bass), Barry Corr (keyboards) and Stephen O’Sullivan (drums).  The band reconvened as The Minnows a number of years ago and are currently putting the finishing touch to their debut album. If anyone knows the year of this Fanning session please set us straight..

A Song Called Love

Elephant Man

New York City


4 Responses to “Tiberius Minnows (1992 Session)”

  1. Michael Rafferty Says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for unearthing this and sharing with us. I think the session was recorded in 1992. The line-up at the time was the same as in the photograph with Barry Corr the fifth member on keyboards. Notably, the guitarist was Bernard McGinn who preceded Paul Maynes. Myself (Michael), Paul, Stephen and Kevin have been The Minnows now for more than 20 years. Scary stuff, or as a band once sang… Time Flies! 😉

  2. Formed June 1987 in Coalisland, Tyrone not 1997 in Belfast

  3. Is Finn McGinn , same as Bernard McGinn??

  4. Michael Says:

    Yes they’re one and the same!

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