Red Square (Demos)

red square

From Dublin, Red Square were Barry Moore (guitar & vocals), Niall Conheady (guitar), Paul Holmes (bass) and Dave Bell RIP (drums). According to the Irish Rock Discography the band recorded at least one Fanning session featuring tracks ‘Street Fight’, ‘Trains’ and ‘Soweto’. In 1987 Barry moved to the U.S. and began performing as Luka Bloom. Luka is currently on tour. Paul Holmes was later in Swim, anyone got their Fanning session?

Passionate Robot (demo)


Street Fight

10 Responses to “Red Square (Demos)”

  1. Dave Bell Says:

    I am the Dave Bell who was the drummer on these tracks… Great to hear them after so many years. No idea where you got them from but really enjoyed hearing them again… Thanks…

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Hello Dave! The tracks came from the trusty C90 archive of a generous reader who recorded them from The Dave Fanning Show on RTE Radio 2 back in the day and which still working perfectly twenty something years later! All we need now is a photo of the band šŸ˜‰

  3. owen mc elroy Says:

    Hello Dave. It’s ages since I heard them too. It’s Owen, the manager šŸ™‚

  4. Niall Conheady Says:

    Didn’t know these still existed, great to hear them again despite the flanger! Howdy Dave, get in touch if you can and we can look up Holmes.

  5. Hi Owen and Niall…. Ye can find me at davebellcrete on facebook. Get in touch, would love to hear from ye…

  6. Hi Dave and niall wouldn’t love to meet up with you guys

  7. paul holmes Says:

    Sadly Dave Bell passed away last year.
    Your musician line up is wrong that was Paul Holmes on bass and Niall Conheady on guitar

  8. Very sorry to hear that Paul. Have corrected the lineup.

  9. Gordon White Says:

    I had “Soweto” on tape, probably from the Fanning Sessions, but lost it years ago. It still comes into my head from time to time. Is it available anywhere? Would love to hear it again.

  10. Just posted a recording of ‘Soweto’ from the Fanning session

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