The Harvest Ministers (1987 Session)

harvest ministers

From Dublin The Harvest Ministers were formed in 1987 by William Merriman (guitar) and David Duffy (vocals, harmonica). They later recruited Padraig McCaul (guitar, piano, saxaphone) and Maeve Roche (vocals). Aingeala de Burca (violin) ex In Tua Nua, Brian Foley (bass) ex Vipers, Blades, Mountain Climbers and Pat Dillon (drums) were soon added to the lineup. Maeve left and Gerardette Bailey joined. Gerardette left and Maeve came back. William took over on vocal duties and albums ensued. The band is still very much active and are currently working on a new album. Check out this 2014 interview by Niall Crumlish on Update: The band lineup for the Fanning session was Brian Foley (bass), David Duffy (vocals), Padraig McCaul (sax), Pat Dillon (drums), Will Merriman (guitar), Maeve Roche (vocals) and Andy Fitzpatrick (piano).

Carriage of Villains / Railroaded / Crazy Mary Lou (1987)

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