Michael Gerrard LMFM Sessions

A recent tweet by Michael Gerrard stopped us in our tracks. The longtime LMFM and Boyneside Radio DJ and producer shared images of a number of homegrown compilations of sessions recorded for the Tony Clayton Lea Rock show in the 1990s featuring a who’s who of Irish acts of the time. A House, Aslan, Something Happens!, The Revenants, The Pale, The Joshua Trio, The Blue Angels, The Golden Horde, The Frames, The Stunning, The Sawdoctors, Engine Alley, Ghost Of An American Airman, Grasshopper, The Wilde Oscars, Brian Kennedy and Darling Sugar Honey all recorded sessions for the show. These acts were usually in Drogheda to play shows at The Boxing Club where Michael would invariably be on pre/post show DJ duties. If the following examples are anything to go by we could be looking at a great compilation release.

The Revenants ‘Here Comes A Regular’

The Blue Angels ‘Never Let You Down’

3 Responses to “Michael Gerrard LMFM Sessions”

  1. Siobhan Bardsley Says:

    Wow! What an incredible discovery. Does he have the master tapes of these sessions? Very very cool

  2. Thanks Siobhan! As far as I know these CDs are all that remain. Maybe Michael himself will reply to confirm or even better he might have more in his archives.

  3. Tony Clayton-Lea Says:

    It’s also possible that Michael has tapes of the, ahem, Tony Clayton-Lea Rock Show, which he produced from 1990-1997, which is when I left LMFM (having also presented the ‘Rock Show’ on pirate Boyneside Radio throughout the ’80s). The Boxing Club gigs were on Saturdays, and the bands performing would ALWAYS be interviewed on my show about an hour or so before they took to the stage.

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