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Mundy (1996 Session)

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From Birr, Co. Offaly, Mundy released his debut album ‘Jelly Legs’ in 1996. The track ‘To You I Bestow’ featured on the excellent soundtrack to the equally impressive Baz Luhrmann film ‘Romeo + Juliet’. They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1996 fresh off a UK tour and it shows. The band were Steo Farrell (guitar), Shane Fitzsimons (bass) and Cion O’Callaghan (drums). Engineer was Paddy Breen, producer was Pete Holidai. The session was recently rebroadcast on the Dan Hegarty show.

To You I Bestow (1996)
Gin & Tonic Sky (1996)
Life’s A Cinch (1996)
Springtown (1996)

Strangewaze (1992 Session)

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From Tullamore, Strangewaze were Jason Rabbitte (vocals & guitar),
Ferg Lenihan (bass & vocals), Soup (guitar) and Mark Molloy (drums & percussion).
For What It’s Worth (1992)

Mr Limelight (1992)

Planet Pain (1992)

The Other (1992)


The Strong Are Lonely (1986 Session)

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From Offaly, The Strong Are Lonely were Ciaran Guinan (vocals), Tom Jamieson (drums), Daragh Connolly (keyboards), Finn Corrigan (keyboards/guitars), Kieran Egan (guitars), Ronan McDermott (bass). They recorded a Fanning session on 24/02/1986 featuring: ‘Paranoid Man’, ‘Wasted Time’ and ‘This Way Up’. While at RTE mixing the session, they had a visit from Paul McGuinness of U2 and Mother Records. A possible one-single deal with Mother was mooted, but never materialised. The band describe the following track as from the Fanning session so I’m going to post and hope someone can shed some more light.. Finn, Ciaran and Tom were to later form Clark’s Gable.

Vicious Circle (1986)

Wasted Time (1986)

Scary Eire (1993 Session)

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We’ve been on the lookout for this session for a while but watching the fallout from RTE TV’s ‘Ireland’s Rappers‘ was the spur to look again, a comment on the Irish Times ‘On The Record’ blog by Stevie Grainger rang true:

“I’ll never forget the buzz i got listening to the “Truncheon Song” by Scary Eire on the Dave Fanning show in the early 90s”

One more search and there it was. The audio quality is not the best but we think you’ll get the picture. If anyone has the remaining two session tracks or indeed a higher quality version please get in touch.

Formed in 1990 Scary Eire were a pioneering Irish hip hop outfit featuring Dada Sloosh, DJ Mek, Mr Browne and RiRa. In 2007 they released a compilation ‘The Scary Era’.

More reading: ‘Beats, Bodhráns and Bloody Mayhem – the story of Scary Éire‘ []

Truncheon Song (1993)

On March 19th Dan Hegarty played two tracks from the 1993 Fanning session which he said was not easy to track down. Unfortunately we were not prepared so had to listen back to the show on the RTE player and only caught one track. Thankfully Ian Wilson has announced that Dan will rebroadcast the entire session on Easter Monday so tune in or check back here after that date.

Hold Yer Whisht (1993)

Update: the full session is on YouTube: