Bedroom Convention (1992 Demo)

bedroom convention

“the most original band in Cork”
Shane Fitzsimons, Rockfile, 23 July 1992

Hailing from Cork, Bedroom Convention were Hilary Coughlan (vocals), Colm O’Flynn (guitar), Eoghan Horgan (keyboards), Louis Lovett (bass, sax), David Fenton (drums). Thanks to Cork Zine Archive for the cassette and Robin James for the reminder and band details. Hilary features on a track from the most recent Boa Morte album ‘Before There Was Air‘.

Bedroomish Convention
Enjoy The Sun
April Showers

3 Responses to “Bedroom Convention (1992 Demo)”

  1. David Fenton Says:

    Colm O Flynn was the guitarist with Bedroom Convention! Great if the archive can be updated to reflect this.

  2. Thank you David, have corrected that.

  3. David Fenton Says:

    Thank you! Now I remember it, Lou played bass too. Very much appreciated.

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