Jerusalem Taxis (1991 Session)

From Kilkenny, Jerusalem Taxis were Malcolm Noonan (vocals), Kevin Conroy (guitar), Frankie Morgan (bass) and JJ Cantwell (drums). They recorded this Fanning session in 1991. Tracks courtesy JJ Cantwell. Kerbdog covered ‘Something In My Head‘ on the B side of their 1994 single ‘Dry Riser’.


Chicken Man (1991)

Fall Into Nowhere (1991)

Long Blue Tube (1991)


4 Responses to “Jerusalem Taxis (1991 Session)”

  1. Great band, saw them a few times in 1990/1991, Fanning played their demos around same time, must dig them out. C

  2. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    Singer Malcolm Noonan is (& has been for quite a number of years) a Kilkenny County Councillor for the Green Party – one of the few left for that party.
    Not sure, if that`s a recommendation, or not?

  3. FunkyBarSteward Says:

    @ Thomas Erbsloh
    Malky is a good skin…
    If we can leave politics aside, The Taxis Were colourful, creative, Melodical …

  4. Malcolm Noonan Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. The Gun Club were a big influence on our music. There was a great scene in Kilkenny at that time, we fell by the wayside but Engine Alley and later Kerbdog/Wilt flew the flag…Taxis never played again after 1993 but we all went on to form other bands and all of us are still playing music.

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