Private World (1987 Demo)


Limerick band Private World were active from 1987 until 1990 and comprised Pearse Gilmore (vocals), Brian Kelly (guitar), James Hanley (keyboards), Declan Hogan (bass) and Seamus O Muircheartaigh (drums). They released a single ‘Blue Gem Sea’ on Xeric Records in 1989. In 1990 they featured on the Xeric compilation of Limerick bands ‘The Reindeer Age‘ with ‘Change The Room’. Today’s track was taken from an early demo called ‘Severity’ and was recorded off the Barry Martin show on Limerick pirate radio station Sound Channel (98.7 FM stereo) in 1987. More details at the Limerick Band Archive.

Red Grass (Demo,1987)

3 Responses to “Private World (1987 Demo)”

  1. It’s great! Perfect song!!!! Please,upload something else from “Private World”!!! They were a very cool band,and it’s so difficult to find their songs!!!

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Check out the latest post for another Private World track. Also just spotted the single ‘The Blue Gem Sea’ on YouTube

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    More Private World tracks here

    If anyone has a copy of the ‘Severity’ demo please get in touch!

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