The Harvest Ministers

harvest ministers bandcampFrom Dublin The Harvest Ministers were formed in 1987 by William Merriman (guitar/vocals), Padraig McCaul (guitar/piano/sax) and Gerardette Bailey (vocals). Aingeala de Burca (violin) ex In Tua Nua, Brian Foley (bass) ex Vipers, Blades, Mountain Climbers and Pat Dillon (drums) were soon added to the lineup. The MySpace page lists the current lineup as William Merriman, Padraig McCaul, Mark Byrne and Kieran Lally with honorary members Andy Fitzpatrick and Aingeala de Burca.

The Harvest Ministers were Carling/Hot Press finalists in 1988 and in 1989 ‘Petticoats’ featured on the Nationwide 3 compilation. Their self-released debut single ‘You Do My World the World of Good’ in 1991 brought them to the attention of Sarah Records who licensed their first few singles and released their debut LP in 1993. They signed to Setanta Records in 1995.

Teresa (1988?)

5 Responses to “The Harvest Ministers”

  1. what a brilliant site! Really enjoyed listening to the Harvest Ministers session track, I haven’t heard that in years. It’s actually called “Teresa” but I can’t remember when we recorded that Fanning session.

    Also great to hear the Mountain Climbers single “Grace”, I played sax on that and never thought I’d hear it again!

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Padraig, I have corrected the song title. That Mountain Climbers track is a personal favourite! Maybe you could comment on that post and tell us who was in the band?

  3. This is so terrific. I’ve loved the Harvest Ministers for years, and hearing an unreleased early song just made my day. Thanks!

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Myke, have you seen this RTE ‘No Disco’ performance?

  5. […] Anyway enjoy. You’ll find a bio of them and a session track ‘Teresa’ here on the great fanning Sessions site. Their bio on the […]

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