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Tuesday Blue (Session)

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Thanks to Colm Kavanagh who has just cracked open a fresh vein of Fanning sessions. This is one from a band we remember fondly as a formidable live outfit. From Limerick, Tuesday Blue were Michael Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindeim (bass), Ray Fean (drums, percussion) & Tom Jones (keyboards, piano). Thank you Mike Maguire for the lineup correction.

Woman (1984 Session)

Tuesday Blue (Eurorock)

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Reading Jim Carroll’s ‘On The Record‘ reminded me of the 1986 Tuesday Blue broadcast from the Eurorock festival in Liverpool. That may have been the first appearance by an irish act at Eurorock but many others followed including Thee Amazing Colossal Men (Novi Sad 1989), Sultans of Ping F.C., A House, Power of Dreams, Dancing Bastards from Hell (Cork 1990), D.M. Sole (Köln 1991), Therapy? (Aalborg 1992), The Frank & Walters (Helsinki 1993). Incidentally Ray Fean of Tuesday Blue is currently helping out brother Johnny in the Horslips where he is filling in for Eamon Carr on drums.

I Want You To Stay (1986)

Tuesday Blue setlist: I Want You To Stay / Superstition / Tunnel Vision / Dear Life / I Believe In You

Tuesday Blue (Demo)

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I’ll never forget the first time I saw Tuesday Blue live in The Savoy in Limerick. There was a lot of press about the band already and great things were promised. The room was like a exotic boudoir with incense burning, the music began and gradually the smoke around the stage dissipated to reveal Mick Ryan performing transcendental meditation. A seminal moment as they say. This demo track made it to number 31 in the 1986 Fanning Fab Fifty. The full lineup was Mick Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindheim (bass) and Liam Darcy (drums).

I’m So Scared