On The Waterfront (1992)

‘On The Waterfront’ was an RTE music programme from 1992. It was produced by Gerald Heffernan for Frontier Films and consisted of 14 half-hour rock music shows shot at the Waterfront Cafe in Dublin. The series was presented by stars from Alan Parker’s film “The Commitments”. I had a bunch of episodes on VHS but unfortunately ‘lost’ the cassette (aka I mistakenly recorded over it). I do however still have a partial tracklisting which I am posting. I kick myself I didnt record more RTE music output from the 80s/90s and can only hope that others who did find the time and energy to share what they have. Consider this another possible project.. I will gratefully accept any DVDs you might have and can offer a swap with what I have managed to get my hands on.

On The Waterfront YouTube playlist:

Blue In Heaven,
The 4 Of Us – ‘Baby Jesus’, ‘Love, Hate & Hope’

33rd Hurricane – ‘Shotgun Blast’
The Frames – ‘You Were Wrong’, ‘Before You Go’
Golden Horde – ‘Hell’ & ‘Lisa’
Shane Mc Gowan

The Would Be’s
Miss Black America x2
Toasted Heretic ‘LSD’
An Emotional Fish ‘If God Was A Girl’, ‘Junk Puppet’

IRS ‘Aint Nobody’
Azure Days x2
Housebroken ‘Sound Is The Colour’, ‘Hangin Around’, She Is The 1′

D-11 Runners x2
Hinterland ‘Hostility’
Dignam & Goff
Into Paradise ‘Sleep’, ‘The Pleasure Is Over’

Bird x2
The Precious Stones
Andy White
Engine Alley x3

Steel Reign x2
Tom McLaughlin
Harvest Ministers
Tiberious Minnows ‘Time Flies’ / ‘Whenever You Call’

The Cranberries – ‘Linger

Honey Thieves ‘The Only One

14 Responses to “On The Waterfront (1992)”

  1. I just found an old VHS and I see I recorded a couple of tracks from ‘On The Waterfront. I have the Harvest Ministers, Whipping Boy, Would Be’s, Golden Horde … will transfer it to DVD and YouTube in a few days. Not great quality but eh… it was recorded long play.


  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Nice one Mike, look forward to seeing those. If I can help let me know.

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Watch The 4 Of Us ‘On The Waterfront’ performance here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rf53v4c8_HA

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    I received a DVD, thanks Mike!. Time permitting I will start posting a few clips on YouTube under the new fanningsessions account

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    The Cranberries ‘Linger’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OsJ1kA7WPw

  6. Hi, I posted An Emotional Fish Live at the Opera House, Cork from 1991 on Youtube yesterday (30/12/12). You can find it under “An Emotional Fish Cork”. This was broadcast on RTE and as far as I can remember, they did a number of shows at the Opera House all recorded but this made the final cut. I also added a few “On the Waterfront” songs from The Frames, Engine Alley, An Emotional Fish, Montoya Sound, Sultans of Ping. I have The Stunning and a few others to post yet and also an acoustic Something Happens. R

  7. I was in Bird at the time of this show. If you find a recording of it, please please let me know. Thank you for trying to put all these wonderful performances back together.

  8. tommy Leonard Says:

    Hi there. I’d love to see the steel reign footage if possible. I’ve nothing recorded of a band I played in early 90s. Thanks

  9. Simon Culleton Says:

    I worked on this show , maybe there is a master tape .

  10. Guys, do you know if The Corrs’ first gig was recorded during this time??

  11. Damien Byrne Says:

    I have a dvd somewhere of the candy apple red spot we did. Think it was 2 songs if memory serves. Let me know how to share.

  12. Sent you an email Damien, either upload to YouTube or email/post copy to me and I will do the rest. Was reminded of this post recently when I stumbled across this collection of ‘On The Waterfront’ recordings https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpY4HFofQnyLienVXBlfYsA

  13. The way it is
    1992 on the waterfront
    Hi Dave
    I was the Dummer and one of the founding members of this band . Later became Little sister sage .previously Chinadoll

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