Azure Days (Session)


Carlow band Azure Days recorded 4 sessions for the Dave Fanning show but so far I have only managed to track down this one track. I believe it comes from the third or fourth of those sessions. Azure Days were Gala Hutton (vocals & guitar), Liam O’Brien (guitar), Ray Lowry (bass) and Gerry Farrell (drums) . Thanks to demosuzki for helping confirm the track origin.

She Won’t Come Again (Session)

4 Responses to “Azure Days (Session)”

  1. demosuzki Says:

    that photo is
    (l to r) Gala Hutton, Ger Farrell, Liam O’Brien, and Ray Lowry.
    All originally from Carlow.

    gala hutton’s new band ‘sugar factory‘ have a showcase/E.P Launch on feb20th (2010) in carlow at the new gbshaw theatre.

  2. Una McGettigan Says:

    I have an EP they released somewhere. I really liked Azure Days many many moons ago.

  3. […] and “Blew My Clouds Away”. Then another, a second post, with the song “She Won’t Come Again“. There are a few more interesting details here too. For example we know that Gerry Farrell […]

  4. I still can’t believe you can’t find the session for Carlow band Sissy it was in 1999 with Jackie Hayden

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