Engine Alley (1991 Flowerbox EP)

engine alley

On Tuesday August 20th 1991 on the eve of the release of their debut EP Flowerbox on Mother Records Dave played three tracks on his show. Formed in Kilkenny by Canice Kenealy (vocals), Brian Kenealy (guitar) and Eamonn Byrne (bass) in 1989, Engine Alley soon moved to Dublin and were joined by Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (drums) and Ken Rice (violin). I think you’ll agree this is a pretty impressive debut. Watch them perform or an interview on The Den. And how is this for synchronicity..

Your Head (1991)

In A Different Kind Of Way (1991)

The Flowers (1991)

11 Responses to “Engine Alley (1991 Flowerbox EP)”

  1. auldtapes Says:

    Nice, that’s a blast.. I was house engineer at the NEW INN GIG when I first saw them. In my auldtapes spirit let me say that what I remember most about that gig was that the support band left a humungeous dent in the skin of Emilline’s Bass Drum and she was a tad upset about that.

    Nah, that’s not entirely true.. What I remember most was being completely blown away by seeing something so fresh and new. Smiley liked them too. Lovely People as well, and the net is full of comments like “so under-rated”, and “why didn’t they make it?”.

    For my tuppence, I think there was a bit of rock’n’roll tragedy there in that they stepped just a smidgen too far over the edge and never quite regained the balance. (I mean to say, they never shuda gone to london)

    Still, they left us with a few most excellent tracks, and by all accounts are still playing the odd gig in Kilkenny, It’s all good if it ends good. I suppose.

    That’s a great video you linked, with Gaybo’s comment – “Merciful hour..” ha ha. I like this one, it’s more “close up and raw” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKCR3s4cBN0

    And while I am at it, let me say that that “Introduction” on http://www.irishmusiccentral.com/enginealley/ is more than lame.

  2. auldtapes Says:

    P.S. I’ve mislaid my copy of “A Sonic Holiday” really!! although, it might be in me mum’s attic.

    If anyone would do me the favour, Paranoia-full + LAME VBR~192 would do nicely.. he he..

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Just spotted via gavinfriday.com [1] that Emmaline is now with Preachers Son [2] and they are touring soon to promote their new album.

    [1] http://gavinfriday.com/2010/03/26/gavin-friday-sings-lipstick-with-preachers-son/
    [2] http://preachersson.com/

  4. Michael Moloney Says:

    Highly underrated band – still a mystery they didn’t do better. Thanks for posting all this stuff!

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Engine Alley have been coaxed into reforming for a one-off Whelan’s gig on July 23, albeit sans drummer Emmaline Duffy-Fallon who’s currently plying her rock ‘n’ roll trade with Preachers Son.


  6. I was speaking to Brian Kenealy and the band are really up for the Whelan’s gig on July 23rd. Support band on the night is the brilliant Pony Club. Should be a cracker.

  7. hello, yes we are looking forward to the gig in whelans july 23rd,,plug glug glug. Brian here. Ah the New inn. Hi there aultapes. i’d say it’s a slow process converting them auld tapes. I have a case full of C60s and C90s but haven’t the will to tackle it. The New Inn holds a few memories. We were getting into putting on a bit of show at that time. And the 2 Sarahs always very cheerful on the door. Smiley was good to us too. We supported The Stars of Heaven at their farewell gig there too. We were sorry they had to call it a day having been long time fans. But we were delighted to get that gig. Very exciting. We weren’t quite on the glamfabulous trip then but moving towards it!

  8. ontrackdublin Says:

    I’m so excited about this gig… providing there are still tickets available!!! Sonic Holiday was one of my prized albums and one of the few that made it through the cull when the old collection was getting binned.

    Best of luck Brian and the rest of the band, I’ve no doubt it’s going to be a stormer 🙂

  9. On Track Dublin, there are still some tickets on sale at WAV for the gig. There is an interview with Canice in the latest Hot Press. And the lads are doing an RTE session next week, and also appearing on NewsTalk 106 Sile Seoige’s show on the 23rd.

  10. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Anyone go to the gig, not found a review yet..

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