Those Handsome Devils

handsome devils 2
Those Handsome Devils were formed in Dublin in 1983 by Sean Foy (guitar, vocals), Frank Rynne (guitar), Pat Harte (bass) and Leo O’Regan (drums). They recorded a single ‘Hep Bop’ in 1984 with producer PJ Curtis in Windmill Lane. By 1985 O’Regan had been replaced by Johnny Bonnie but Bonnie and Rynne soon left to form The Baby Snakes. In 1987 Those Handsome Devils released the following track as a single on Solid Records. I witnessed these guys upstairs in Limerick’s Savoy and was hugely impressed, why they didn’t go further I’ll never know.. If anyone still has the Fanning session you know who to call 😉 Some great photos over here and Seannie Foy will be out on the road soon with Jerry Fish so I think I’ll have to check him out.

Don’t Bring Me Down (1986)

5 Responses to “Those Handsome Devils”

  1. Hey great to see I’m not the only one who remembers this session. I don’t have it but I do remember they did a great version of Lonesome Train and their self penned Johnny Cynic on it.

  2. I loved THD and saw them in McGonigles on Anne St, The Underground on Dame and most memoriably in the Bagott Inn. I also saw them in ‘The Lark in the Park’. I probably also saw them in my other haunts like the TVClub but the memories are foggy what with 20-odd years ago.

    A truely gifted and talented group who broke the Irish mold by NOT trying to be the next-U2. They suffered because of this as everyone at the time was fixiated on Boring Bono & co. Someone should do something similar to RTE’s Reeling Back the Years on these lads in the mode of VH1’s “Behind the Music”.

    I was disappointed that they never made it bigger and then broke up. Now twenty years later I’m equally disappointed that I can’t get a copy of their music. If there’s anyone out there with copies of their music, lyrics or memorabilia (including stories from back in the day) then please put it out on the ‘net.

  3. seannie has been a big inspiration on myself along with rory gallagher,,they showed us that you dont have to be american to play american roots music,,
    its my strong opinion that sean foy/those handsome devils were irelands first rockabilly band before that you had show bands that played the odd rockabilly cover,
    his first single hep bop still makes the hair stand on the back of my neck,
    a big pat on the back to the O prez for his work on the THOSE HANDSOME DEVILS myspace page,

  4. Robbie C Says:

    i remember hearing this session on the old wireless back in the day and as this was my first exposure to the band i was very impresed indeed. I was a young punk in drogheda when hep bop was released i loved how ballsy and energetic it sounded and bought it almost as it was released a brilliant single very authentic in structure sound and delivery.

    I had some older friends in drogheda who had a rockablly band called The Cadillacs and to my great excitement a gig was organised with THD in the drogheda boxing club with the Cadillacs supporting. Bearing in mind that drogheda didnt have a rockabilly scene. The audience was mainly made up of punks, new wavers, rude boys and the usual non descript types etc. It was a super high charged night with both both bands putting on a great performance, the Cadillacs were always a great live band anyway.

    THD really looked the part and i remember being really struck by the way they looked on stage, in contrast to Seans (eddie cochran) look, Frank was wearing combats with a military belt and pouches attached (very vietnam vet look) leather jacket and his guitar was a white Vox Pearl Drop i think.

    If any of THD are reading this i was the bloke who between songs kept on shouting for HEP BOP and when you finally played it sean introduced it and said its for that that man over there..

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