Engine Alley (Feile 1993)


On his Sunday show of the August bank holiday weekend Dave Couse got to reminiscing about Feile 1993. It struck me that this was of course 20 years ago and I got to wondering if I didnt have some recordings from RTE 2fm of the festival. The recordings I originally had in mind were actually from Cork Rocks in 1991 but I did uncover one recording from Feile in 1993..

Engine Alley (Feile 1993)

8 Responses to “Engine Alley (Feile 1993)”

  1. Patrick Sheehan Says:

    Hello there, Just checking if I can reply to your e-mails and if the responses are read. I’d like to get in touch, but I don’t use Facebook or Twitter. I’d appreciate a reply if this is read Thanks!

  2. Great band , played with these guys in Dublin in 1989, we were Ego Minefield!!

  3. cool!

  4. I see Damn You Peter Pan at the end of that poster, anything from them?

  5. Danny MC Taggart Says:

    Hi Patrick, Engine Alley and Ego Minefield played together in some park in Dublin (can’t remember) might of been Jervis St park. The gig was sponsored by 7up, this was around 1990?. You can view Ego Minefield on youtube, I have watched Engine Alley several times on youtube…great band, ye should have been more successful. Cheers Danny.

  6. Here is clip from opening band of Feile 93, The Unbelievable Children, “God is in the movies”

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